Macey Watermann

Applicant for Chance Elementary Principal


I have a strong will to succeed, enjoy challenges and do not like to disappoint. Through my last seven years of experience I have had the opportunity to learn from my fellow teachers, coaches and administrators as well as take part in conferences and professional development days, which has given me the opportunity to learn.

I wanted to share my vision and ideas for what I would like to get accomplished and started within the first 90 days of being the Principal at Chance Elementary. With this being a new role for me in the district, I feel that it is important to start thinking about the position before the start date. There comes excitement and uneasiness when anyone embarks on anything new and I feel that a good plan of action helps all parties involved.

Essential Job Repsonsibilities

Maintain Student Discipline

-Visibility within the Building and in Classrooms

-Develop Relationships with Students

-Teach students that the Office is Not Where they Want to See Me

-Support Teachers and Staff

Work with Teachers & Counselors on Classroom Discipline

-Visibility within Classrooms

-Open Door Policy with Teacher and Staff

Assist in Supervision of Students at Extra-Curricular Activities

-Visibility within the Community

-Love to Support School & Show Pride

Work on Curriculum and Student Placement

-Organizational Skills

-Planner & Forward Thinker

-Familiar with Curriculum Development and Standards Based Grading/Alignment

Assist in the Evaluation of Staff

-Work along with District & State Evaluation Model (NEE)

-Visibility within Classrooms

Demonstrate Regular and Predictable Attendance the Complies with District Policies

-Passionate about Job and Profession

-Enjoy and Want to go to Work

Demonstrate Effective and Positive Interpersonal Relationships with Staff, Students and Community

-I feel that Relationships are Key to Success

-I also feel it is important to Live in the Community that you Work In

Collaborate with Peers, Possess a Positive Attitude and Flexible with Change

-Driven Individual who Enjoys Change and has a Growth Mindset


-Set up a Staff Remind101 Account to Help with Communication among Staff

-Be Contact for Substitute Needs after Regular School Day Hours

Goals for CES

1. Continue to Provide a Wonderful Education and Staff for All of Our Students

2. Begin to Integrate Technology into the Classrooms

3. Develop a Media Center in the Library

4. Provide Relevant and Meaningful Professional Development to the Staff

5. Work to Get the Library Situation and RTI Assistance Position Resolved for Both Staff and Students

6. Look to Try and Get more Common Plan time for Teams to Meet

7. Allow Opportunity for Staff to Share out What is Happening in Their Rooms with the Staff, so that we have a Unified Building and Are All Working Together

8. Look to in the next 5-7 Years Providing Preschool in House to All Willing Students within the Centralia R-VI School District

A little about Me

I graduated from Centralia High School in 2002. I obtained my bachelors degrees from UCM (Physical Education/Health (K-12) & Athletic Training) and then started teaching in the Raymore-Peculiar School District, and taught there for seven years before moving back to Centralia.

I met my husband, Jason, at Ray-Pec and we currently both teach in Centralia. We have two beautiful 14 month old baby girls (Rennyck and Roryck) and they are one of our main reasons for coming back to Centralia, so that they can grow up around family.

I obtained my Masters Degree from MU in Educational Leadership (K-12 Certification) and passed the Administrative Exam in 2013. I completed by Educational Specialists Degree (Central Office) from MU in the Spring of 2014.