Sanders' Sunflowers

Classroom Newsletter

Week of April 21- 25,2014

Information and Reminders

  • It was great to have some time off. I hope the children are rested and ready to learn!
  • Take note of the snow makeup days in June. We will now have our half days on June 2, 3, and 4.
  • There are only 32 days left in this school year.
  • Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to hide the eggs for our egg hunt before spring break and to everyone for sending in candy filled eggs. The students had a great time.

Important Dates

May 15- PE Rocks Day

May 26 - Memorial Day -students do not report

May 27, 28, 29, 30 - These will now be full days instead of half days

June 2,3,4 - half days for students (snow makeup days)

Important Connections and Links

This is a direct link to my email and my website. I have also included the school's phone number.


This week's story: The Dot


  • reading words with -ed and -ing endings (bike, biked, biking)
  • reading exclamatory sentences
  • compare and contrast items
  • spelling words with long e sound using y and ie (chief, kitty)
  • reading idioms (ex. 'raining cats and dogs', 'glued to her chair', 'heart of gold')

Sight words:

1. above 3. pushed 4. thank 5 .teacher 6.these 7. bear

8. please 9. studied 10.during 11. toward 12. water 13.even 14.surprised


Students will continue learning how to add double digit numerals this week. We will alternate several types of double digit problems (30+10=, 35+3=, 67+20=).


Please read the story 'The Dot' from the Journeys Story Summaries folder one night this week.

Mon. - homework sheet; spelling

Tues. -homework sheet;spelling

Thursday - homework sheet; spelling

Reading response journals are due on Friday.