Ship's Log

Week of January 2, 2019

Welcome Back! Hopefully you all read my New Year email!

I can't wait to see everyone greeting our students in the morning and welcoming them back!

Let's make this an amazing 3 days back for the New Year

This WEEK:

BUS DUTY: Tom Jacobs Please sign up for the next couple of months PLEASE-


Tuesday Happy New Year

Wednesday (Day 76)

Ski Club starts this afternoon

Thursday (Day 77)

Friday (Day 78)

Saturday- Basketball Games

Happy Birthday

Sunday- Emily Teterault

Monday- Mrs. Abad, Addie Carlson

Tuesday- Ty Lyons- 1/2 bday

Wednesday- Vitto Mendosa, Aza Dizuzio 1/2 bday


Friday- Emily, Will Kirousis 1/2 bdays, Lilah Vegari 1/2 bday


Before // After School Activities:

Monday- Choir 8:30, Basketball (McNally 3-4), (Centeno 5-6)

Tuesday- BOK 4-8, Basketball (Ciccolini 1-2), Girls 7-8, Boys 7-8

Wednesday- Ski Club, Basketball (Gariepy 1-2), (Caskins 3-4)

Thursday- BOK K-3, Drama

Friday- Basketball girls 7-8 and boys 7-8

To Do List:

  • Send your GOOD NEWS postcards home to students... more in the office!
  • UPDATE Option C by Monday each week
  • Gather info for staff documentation for NEASC
  • Give Marian a copy of your CPR/Serve Safe and any other relevant certificates!
  • Enter input for NEASC Standards
  • ALICE Training- new staff should have been emailed an invitation to the online ALICE Training. Please make sure to complete this training before January 2. We have additional spots available for anyone that needs a refresher... just let me know.

What's your #OneWord2019 ?

Teach Like A Pirate!

It's time to break out your pirate skills! Have you finished reading the Chapters for P-I-R-A-T-E... now it's time to start Crafting Engaging Lessons - and if you're ACTUALLY reading this- come see me and tell me you want to create an experience in your classroom and get a PRIZE!! AKA- Creating Experiences!!

It's all about preheating the grill and 'hooking' students...

This week: Long Live the Arts- try one of these hooks this week Picasso, Mozart, Dance & Drama, Craft (p 95-101).

Let me know what hooks you try!

Upcoming Events:

1/7 MAP Growth Testing begins again!

PLC/Faculty Meetings: ** We need hosts for these meetings! Thanks **

January 7th- Christine

January 14- Ally

February 4-

February 11-

February 25-