Welcome Back, Lone Star Stars!

Leading the Herd for 2018-19

Let's Go, Leaders of Leaders!

It's August! We are getting geared up for #BestYearEver!! I am super excited to see our kids have choice and voice in the goal setting process. You will all be going through the notebook building steps during our August Days of Fun. :)

This year the staff development sessions are taking place on the campus. You may feel like you see more training/meetings when you take a glance at the days, but that is because they are all happening at Lone Star. I have done the math for each grade/department, and 2/3 of your hours during the 8 days before school starts are unscheduled. You will have plenty of time to set up your rooms, plan with your team, and take care of your business. I am asking you to pay close attention to start times and locations so that you do not keep your colleagues waiting. Each day has a chart with who/where/what, so just look for your job and show up on time! *You do NOT need to print this. We will give you a hard copy of your schedule when you come in on the 9th. We will enjoy a light breakfast on that day as well.

HR Teachers, I am going to ask for a picture and a bio from each of you. These will be shared with your new students, so feel free to use your "teacher voice". It will tell them a little bit about you - consider how long you've been teaching, where you went to college, what you might be doing if you aren't at school, pets, family, etc. Fun Facts - not a resume! :) Your picture can be fun as well. Again, this will help your new families develop a bond with you. You can send this to me whenever you are ready; I need it by the 10th.

Right above this is a link for some staff spiritwear. There is no markup on these items, we just want to provide you with a little help for your closet! These items will be delivered to us at school at the beginning of September. Have fun shopping!

Speaking of spirit wear, we will address dress code during one of our round robin sessions, but you may enjoy the article further down the newsletter.

Enjoy the video below. I can watch things like this All. The. Day. Long. There's one bad word, but it's still summer, so I think it's okay.

I can't wait to see you! I hope you have had a fabulous break and are ready to make a difference in the lives of all these tiny humans! :)
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Welcome to New Staff!

Please make a point of welcoming our new friends:

Shannon Bass - 3rd grade
Dana Upton - 3rd grade
Bridget Fitzgerald - 1st grade
Robin Lauer - 1st grade (newISH)
Tiffany Waller - 1st grade
Kim Crosby - Kindergarten (newISH)
Hope Hull - Kindergarten
Kim Ellis - Pre-Kindergarten
Christine Kennedy - Pre-Kindergarten
Sarah Jones - PE aide
April Emge - In class support aide
Deborah Mattern - In class support aide
Amanda McDade - In class support aide
Heather Toby - In class support aide
Renalda Straughter - In class support aide
Gretchen Dixon - Life Skills Teacher
Melissa Logeman - Resource/Special Education teacher
Cintia Guzman - Diagnostician
Bobby Stoy - Maintenance

New classrooms -
Alissa Roan to 5th
Kari Adams to 2nd
Lindsay Griffith to 2nd
Karen Weeks to ABLE
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