09/03/2019 | Principal: Mr. Baez | Asst. Principal: Ms. Wong



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Orange ribbon banner. Established 35 years ago in 1984.

Do you shop at Kroger?

Help raise funds for our school by just shopping at your neighborhood Kroger store!

  • Log in to your Kroger account.
  • Search Community Rewards.
  • Choose Enroll or Change Organization.
  • Search Rees Elementary or our organization number: BT526.
  • Choose Enroll.

It's that simple! Just use your Kroger card when you check out and Rees Elementary will receive a percentage of your sales every time you shop. Thank you in advance for all your support. See you at Kroger!

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Sept. 12 - Family Library Night (5:00-7:00 PM)

Sept. 13 - Family Center Grand Opening (9:00-11:00 AM)

Sept. 17 - Fall Fundraiser Begins

Sept. 19 - Parent Night (6:00-7:45 PM)

Sept. 24 - SDC Committee Meeting (3:45 PM)

Sept. 25 - Grade 1 only Parent Lunch Begins

Sept. 26 - Kindergarten only Parent Lunch Begins

Sept. 26 - Boy Scout Rally Night (6:00-7:00 PM)

Sept. 27 - Grades 2, 3, and 4 Parent Lunch Begins

Sept. 27 - Leadership Cafe Lunch w/Principal

Sept. 30 - Student Holiday

Oct. 01 - Fall Fundraiser Ends

Oct. 10 - Family Library Night (5:00-7:00 PM)

Oct. 14 - Columbus Day/Student & Staff Holiday

Oct. 17 - Report Cards Go Home

Family Library Night

Boy and girl reading a book. Turn a trip to the library into a special family event! Family Library Night, Thursday, September 12, 5:00-7:00 PM. Guest Reader: Mr. Baez

FAME Center Grand Opening

Smiling Family Outside. Rees Elementary Family Center Grand Opening. September 13, 2019, 9:00-11:00 AM. Food, Games, and Door Prizes! For more information, please contact Mrs. Ese, our Family Liaison, at 281-531-1444, extension 23070


This year we will continue recycling paper in all classrooms. The Green Leaders, a group of 4th graders, will collect the paper every Friday and discard it to the recycling bin in the parking lot. Global Waste Services picks up every other week. Parents, you can also bring your paper to this bin. NO cardboard, wrapping or tissue paper, and no hard cover books, please. We are also starting to collect used markers (any brand, including dry-erase and highlighters) as part of the Crayola ColorCycle Program. They recycle the plastic to make new products! Please send those to the school with your children and help us help our planet!


  • Arrive 5 minutes before your child's lunch time.
  • Please keep group size to no more than 3 visitors at a time due to limited space.
  • Parents may only invite their child to the parent lunch table after handing the classroom teacher the orange card.
  • Parents may not use cell phones during parent lunch days.
  • Parents must monitor and supervise their children at all times.
  • Students having lunch with their parents must remain seated with their parent.
  • Students must be ready to line up with their class when it is time to leave.
  • Leave the cafeteria after your child's lunch so that other parents have a turn to sit.

WEDNESDAYS: Grade 1 (Starts on Sept. 25)

THURSDAYS: Grade K (Starts on Sept. 26)

FRIDAYS: Grades 2, 3, 4 (Starts on Sept. 27)

* Fast food lunches should not be brought to the school for students except on the designated parent lunch day.

* Parent must present a valid ID and be listed on the registration card.



A. Orta - 11:05-11:35 AM

E. Martinez/C. Workman - 11:05-11:35 AM

A. Ortiz/B. Langin - 11:10-11:40 AM

Grade 1:

A. Martinez/M. Hurtado - 11:45-12:15 PM

S. Peatross/N. Zian - 11:50-12:20 PM

V. Deadessis/G. Vasquez - 11:55-12:25 PM

Grade 2:

R. Poe/P. Castillo - 11:30-12:00 PM

J. Benavidez/M. Ochoa - 11:35-12:05 PM

C. Sanders/C. Hall - 11:40-12:10 PM

Grade 3:

J. Guerrero/K. Guzman - 12:00-12:30 PM

D. Flores/B. Castaneda - 12:05-12:35 PM

B. Smith/M. Virani -12:10-12:40 PM

Grade 4:

D. Scott/G. Carbajal - 11:15-11:45 AM

S. Hajek/L. Sutar - 11:20-11:50 AM

N. Bouchelkia/R. Stevens - 11:25-11:55 AM

Rees Elementary

Flem Rees Elementary School opened its doors to 650 students on August 20, 1984. It was the thirteenth elementary school built in the Alief Independent School District.