Patient Puentes

“You have to be someone.” ― Bob Marley

An amazing life.

Juan was born on January 2, 2003 on El Paso TX. Its now 2016, its been 13 years and he has been successful with life until now. He hopes it will also be the same the rest of his life.

His Hero

His dad is the best person on this world. He has shown him many things that have helped him trough his life. He makes clothes and has worked really hard to make them perfect. Juan gets really angry when they send back clothes that came out bad, but his dad does not. He does it over and over again until its all good. At last when he gets payed he buys us stuff, he takes us to the movies, restaurants, and camping places. He normally does not spend it on himself but when he does its simple stuff. When they go out to places and see that someone is having problems with their car, his dad gets off and helps them. If they have to go to buy something far away for their car, he takes them. When their car is all ready, they offer him money but he does not accept it. He tells them that with their smile he is all satisfied. That makes Juan want to be like him. His dad is his hero.

Whats he likes about himself.

His favorite thing is that, he does not like to give up that easily. If he is still not good at something he tries his best until he does it perfect. It takes a lot of work to do it but at last its all worth it because it pays off fine. Not only does he benefit himself but he also benefits others.

What is GEMS to him.

For Juan, GEMS is a very important school to him. He has learned a lot of stuff that may or will help him for the rest of his life. He is now in 8th grade and its his last year there. Its going to go by really fast like those first weeks of schools. He is going to high school next year. So 2 years in gems would be really important because its only 2 YEARS!!!. Elementary was 6 and high school are gonna be 4 so it really matters that he does his best the last year in 8th grade.

What he likes, just saying😉

Stressed Out

Stressed out is Juan's favorite song. He hears that song everyday because he likes it a lot. It talks about how they want to be kids again because they are STRESSED OUT. He hears it because he knows that is going to be his life later on.

twenty one pilots: Stressed Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]