Walking Through the Grasslands

By:Mrs.Durst's Class

All About Grasslands

As a group, we are studying grasslands. Grasslands have lots of ferocious animals. Lots of grasses are found there, too. There are also slight hills and mountains. These are some things about grasslands.
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Our Jobs:


"As a botanist, right now, I study plants. There are lots of different plants that I have never heard of. Some of those plants are elephant grass, skyrockets, foxtail, Rhodes grass, star grass, asters, big bluestem grass, blazing stars, Bermudagrass, and much more! These are some plants in grasslands."


"Hello, I'm a geologist, right now, I am researching grasslands. A geologist studies the landforms of biomes. You find mountains, slight hills, plateaus, flood plains, plains, pampas, small rivers, streams, ponds, and lots and lots of grass!"


"Hello i'm a biologist and i'm going to tell you a little about what i've learned about Grasslands.

So i've learned that the grasslands are endangered do to Humans turning them into farmland.Some animals that live in grasslands are zebras, gazelles,lions,antelope and hawks."


"As a meteorologist, right now, I study the weather in grasslands. The grasslands have hot summers and cold winters. Summer temperatures can get higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and winter temperatures can get lower than -40 degrees Fahrenheit! The rainfall in the grasslands usually gets to about10-35 inches of rain per year and snow falls in most grasslands. Fires and droughts help maintain grasslands."