Conservatory Prep Courses 2015-2016

Look what we are planning for fall

Course Descriptions

6th and 7th graders will focus on the concept of’ Who am I and Where do I Come From?’

We will begin the year by exploring our South Florida community, with its diverse community of traditions, languages and culture. Students will take DNA samples and discover their own genetic roots, while learning interviewing skills, researching their own ancestry and writing their own family history. We will then go back in time to visit the ancient civilizations and their contributions. Our students will learn about astronomy while learning about the Mayans, geology and evolution while learning about migrant patterns, math and writing skills in China and the beginnings of our government in Mesopotamia.

All of our thematic units for the year incorporate the core subjects with the performing and visual arts and project and problem based learning. students will not only learn to draw, perform plays and create instruments, but will problem solve, explore through archeology and enhance their writing, math and reading skills through investigation. Students will be taking monthly field trips to enhance their learning with real life experiences.

The last period of the day, students will choose between P.E. and the Genius Hour

8th and 9th graders discover adventure and the world of possibilities

This group will begin with the Greeks and Romans and explore New Worlds and how each civilization had new problems to solve. Units on mythology, the Golden Age of Spain, Renaissance, Kings and Queens, Holocaust and struggles of Modern Europe will be presented. Students will learn geometry through art and architecture and physics through the creation of inventions during each time period. How did the Roman’s create an amphitheater with perfect acoustics? How did the Spaniards build and navigate ships to explore the world? Shakespeare will be performed and music theory will include Bach, Mozart and the operas from Italy. And don’t forget the food!!! Culinary dishes will be the culminating event for each unit.

Latin will be incorporated into the program. Students may also take Hebrew as their foreign language.

Electives will be P.E.,art and Genius Hour.

10th – 12th graders will focus on their place in the world and how they each can make a difference.


Environmental Biology – Starting with our backyard as our ‘playground’, we will explore “superfund sites“, the coral reef, beach erosion, Turkey Pointe, the Everglades and Climate Change. We will then move on to fracking, water pollution, off-shore drilling and other environmental concerns. The class will integrate problem -based learning strategies and the making of documentaries to create awareness of the issues and suggestions to change the course of action.

Physics -Our signature course of ‘Physics of Superheroes’ developed at the U. of Wisconsin, will once again be taught. Students will learn how Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound and will explain the powers of other superheroes through physics. Reality meets fantasy in this course.

Foreign Language:

Latin – Conservatory Prep is bringing back Latin. A foundation in Latin helps our students with vocabulary, etymology, grammar and science. Latin is taught through theater techniques and an inductive approach to learning.

Spanish – Conversational Spanish will again be offered to students who have already begun studying and would like to continue.

Hebrew – Students will learn Hebrew to be able to read ancient texts and to better understand the classics.

English and Social Studies:

English and Social Studies are integrated into a Humanities course where the students are exposed to literature, theater, music, art, history and research. Students learn to appreciate the richness of cultures, contributions and struggles of a multitude of societies and their impact upon future generations.

American Society – The United States is a melting pot with scores of people coming to America for different reasons. Some came to escape persecution, while others were brought here as slaves. What were their expectations? How has the government served the people? From revolution to revolution, students will learn about the issues of the time periods through musical theater, pop culture and research and discover how ordinary people bring forth change. This course incorporates English, U.S. History, American Government and Economics.

European History – Starting with the Classics in Greece and Rome, students will explore drama, literature, art and music throughout the history of Europe. This course incorporates European Literature, European History and Art History.

Mathematics Lab with Mrs. Hawkins: Students will be able to learn and work at their own pace utilizing learning and teaching methods based upon individual needs. Basic math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry and Statistics are available.

Master Class: Friday afternoons are devoted to taking a Master Class with artists in South Florida. One day may be for cooking with a well-known chef; another session with a fashion designer and the third week a dance class. The Master Class will be a very enriching experience for our high school students.

Electives: P.E., Genius Hour, Model UN, SAT/ACT prep

**Service Learning and Leadership: Students will be required to work a minimum of 40 hours per semester as a volunteer in the community.. The school will be assisting students with their placements. Students are also expected to be involved with at least one organization outside of school in a leadership capacity and one organization within school. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to work towards their Silver Knight’s nomination. In class, students will learn leadership skills and job related skills such as making a good impression in an interview, writing a resume, how to conduct meetings and organizing an event. 40 hours a semester is a mandatory requirement at Conservatory Prep.

Band: Bring your instrument or use at school one of ours. Students will learn the fundamentals of music, song composition and how to play an instrument and sing, while creating their own band.

SAT and ACT Prep: Juniors and seniors will take a test prep course preparing them for the ACT and SAT in partnership with Educational Pursuit.

*High School Trip to New York City. We will stay in the heart of NYC and tour museums, see a show on Broadway, visit the United Nations, the 9/11 Memorial, Ellis Island and the different ethnic areas to experience food, music and culture. Price and date will be posted shortly.

*Given the level of critical thinking and analytical reasoning, our core courses are taught at the honors level. High School students may opt to take any core class for standard level if the course proves to be too challenging or for Advanced Topics credit. Advanced Topics consists of a research paper with original research and presentation. More information will be handed out in each class.

Conservatory Prep Schools is fully SACS-CASI accredited

Genius Hour