Fourth Grade News

May 1-5

Testing Continues!

  • We will have the SC PASS Science on Thursday, May 4.
  • Next week, we will have Social Studies on Wednesday and Math on Friday.
  • Please be sure your student gets a good night’s sleep, eats breakfast, and comes to school on time.

    It is important that students attend school during testing. Please try to avoid early dismissals and appointments during this time!

  • Please encourage your child to do their best and work hard.

Important Info.

  • Don't forget to be studying Civil War study guide this week. Civil War test is Monday, May 8. Students should be making Flash cards!
  • Our In-House Field Trip "Making History" is Friday.
  • Look for End of the Year Info. coming soon.

In class this week:

Math: Area and Perimeter and Elapsed Time

EQ: How do you use time to solve word problems?

EQ: How can you use a perimeter to find the missing measure of a rectangle?

EQ: How can you use area to find the missing measure of a rectangle?

Social Studies: Civil War Unit (Finishing)

EQ: What was the impact of the Civil War?

EQ: Where is the Mason-Dixon line?


EQ: How do we write possessive nouns?

Science: Standards Review

EQ: What have we learned this year in Science?