Channing Tatum

Hally smith

Hally Smith

My name is Hally I go to Van Meter. I am 10. I am researching Channing Tatum because I loved the movie 21 Jump Street. It was so funny.

His Life

He was born April 26,1980 and raised in Cullman, Alabama. His Parents names are Kay Glenn Tatum. He moved to Mississippi at age six. He dropped out of Glenville State College and began dancing and was discovered.

Early Work

Ricky Martin put him in his She Bangs video and then began modeling, for Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle. His first movie was in 2005 Coach Carter. His second movie was Step It Up and his third movie was She's The man.

Personal Life

Channing met his wife when he was working on the set of Step It Up. He got engaged in 2008 to Jenna Dewan. They got married in 2009 and are expecting their first child in 2013.He has a new movie coming out called GI Joe 2.