Henking School

September 25, 2020

Principal Message

Hello Henking Family,

The Board of Education recently approved our transition to hybrid. This change begins on Tuesday, September 29. Please see the following details that will serve to make this transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

Wednesdays will be remote for all students unless you have been communicated otherwise by our Students Services and/or EL teams.

SAFETY AND HEALTH PRECAUTIONS to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 so please note the following safety protocols:

  • SELF-CERTIFICATION - Parents must screen their children each day for fever, as well as any other symptoms related to COVID-19, and submit your child’s self-certification in PowerSchool before arriving at the bus stop.

  • BUS/WALKER tags help us scan the students into school, please make sure the tags remain on the backpack as it will ensure a quick and efficient arrival.



Please contact the office if there is a change in dismissal (i.e. you are picking up instead of putting your child on the bus). IF contacting the office, please do so 45 minutes before the end of the school day. The office will communicate any changes to the teachers so that they can help your child get in the correct line (walkers in the blue rectangle and car pick-ups in the yellow rectangle). As always, if any permanent changes are made, please let the office know so that we update our system. We are committed to your children’s safety!


IF RIDING THE BUS, you should have received the bus stop information from Rob Conner. If you have any questions regarding your child’s bus service, please contact him at (847) 998-5064 or rconner@glenview34.org.

  • ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR A MASK WHILE RIDING THE BUS. We also ask for parents’ help in ensuring children practice physical distancing while at the bus stop. In addition, students must remain in their assigned seats for the entire route.

  • If you decide to provide transportation for your child, please send a note with your child to present to their teacher, otherwise, they will be put on the bus at dismissal.

IF DROPPING OFF, please enter the West parking lot from Linneman Street and pull around to the stop sign. A staff member will greet your child. Do not get out of the car.


  • Busses will dismiss from the East parking lot.

  • Students can be picked up by foot or bike by Door F, please wear a mask (West lot).

  • Students can be picked up by car in the car line by Door G (West lot).

    • Students will be dismissed from the west gym as we do not have enough” socially distanced” spaces outside

    • We will call into the gym, for your child

    • Please do not get out of the car, unless you park and walk up to the building.


Please put a sign on your car dashboard if you are dropping off and/or picking up from the West parking lot. Feel free to make a copy of this template to use or just make your own. CLICK HERE FOR SIGN TEMPLATE.

We look forward to seeing your child in person!

Henking Staff


We know you have questions. Here are a few of the big ones (with answers!) that will help you prepare for the start of Hybrid learning on Tuesday, September 29. We also will continue to update the FAQ page of our website.

Can You Remind Me About School Hours?

Yes! On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Hybrid students will attend on the following schedules:

Kindergarten: Half days, two days (Mo/Th or Tu/Fri)

  • Morning session: 8:45am - 11:15am

  • Afternoon session: 1:10pm to 3:40pm

Primary (1-2): Half days, four days (Mo/Tu/Th/Fri)

  • Morning session: 8:45am - 11:15am
  • Afternoon session: 1:10pm to 3:40pm

What About Wednesdays?

At all levels, Wednesdays will be fully remote (with a few exceptions for special education and EL/Bilingual students) and will include the planned one-hour late start for staff professional development and collaboration.


  • 9:45am - 11:55am

  • 1:30pm to 3:40pm

What Are the Bus Schedules?

Bus riders should have received information about bus stops and times earlier this week. If your child rides the bus and you did not receive this information, please email Rob Conner (rconner@glenview34.org).

The transportation department is working with the Glenview Park District to determine the availability for transportation to/from their Camp REC program. Due to the complexity of developing bus routes for the multiple school schedules, and the limit of 50 riders per CDC guidelines, we have not yet finalized the routes that might accommodate Camp REC participants. We will work with the Park District to share transportation information as soon as it is available.

If your child is attending Camp REC or another childcare option, please submit a stop change request found on the District 34 transportation page.

Does Meal Pickup Change in Hybrid?

Yes, but pickup is now at your child’s school and you must complete a meal pickup request each week. View details about meal pickups in Hybrid.

Want More Reminders? Or Not So Much?

You now have the ability to log into PowerSchool and choose the types of messages that you receive from D34. In the left navigation bar, click “SwiftReach SwiftK12” (that’s the name of our mass notification system). Then click on “Alert Preferences” in the upper right corner of the screen (next to the gear icon). You can check or uncheck any of the boxes . To see what email and phone number corresponds to the contacts listed, click “Contact Information” at the top of the screen. To make changes to email addresses or phone numbers, use the “Registration” link in the left navigation bar.

Don’t Forget: Mask & Self Assessment

The District's health and safety protocols have been developed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among students, staff and families. But the ability to keep our buildings open and continue in-person learning depends on all of us taking personal responsibility to:

  • Wear a mask

  • Wash hands

  • Watch your distance (maintain 6’ from others)​

(...in and out of school.)

Remember to complete the daily self-assessment for your child when he or she attends in person (we will send reminders), and please be honest in your responses.

NEW Attendance Information

Although the start to our year is different from previous years, attendance is not. I still need you to let us know when your child will not be in attendance, whether in person or remotely. Please call (847-657-2694) or email (kwalstrom@glenview34.org) when your child will not be present. Only notifying your teacher is not enough. This means sickness, vacations, appointments, family emergencies etc.

If your child doesn’t come to school for any reason it is an absence. However, please know that we are more concerned about all of us staying healthy than an absence. Please use your best judgement and err on the side of caution if your child isn’t well. Teachers and staff will be very understanding if you are protecting the health of your family and others.

This year we need you to be more specific about your absences too. If your child is sick, please let us know their symptoms. If any of the symptoms are Covid-19 symptoms you may receive a call for further details. If you are going out of town we would need to know where you will be traveling to. If it is international or to a state that Cook County has on the quarantine list (COVID-19 Travel Guide), your child can not join us in school for 14 days after your return. If it’s an appointment, we don’t need anything more.

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