Too Cool For School News

by 5/6L. Edition 1 edited by Elias and Nathan W


Hello there from Meeya and Lauryn. Welcome to the first edition of Too Cool For School News.

We have some favourite jokes from Daniel and Ryan. They are very funny and will make you laugh.

Also Ashley, Jaimee and Taylor spoke to Mrs Peters about recommendations of books for kids to read from our library. Make sure you check that out.

Tamika and Lance created their very first funny photo. We think it’s hilarious.

We hope you enjoy the first of many e-newsletters from 5/6L.

Two Minutes With a Teacher

Jacob and Nathan C. interviewed Mrs Penu and asked her these questions.

1.How do you feel about teaching a new set of kindy kids?

2.If you didn’t have K/1 again what year would you like to have?

3.What do you like most about Camden Public School?

4.Final question, what is your favourite subject to teach?

Mrs Penu really likes teaching the new set of kindy kids because she gets to see them develop and grow. She would also like to teach Year 6 because she likes getting them ready for high school.

Mrs Penu likes how Camden Public School is like a big family and her favourite subject to teach is reading because she gets to see the students grow and get better at reading.

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Sporting News

George and Thomas interviewed some students about the swimming carnival in Week 3. They spoke to Ethan - 5/6M, Bianca - 5/6L and Abby in 3/4P.

Ethan’s favourite type of swimming technique is freestyle because it is the first style he learnt. He doesn’t think Mr Munday’s diving technique lesson was helpful because he is a good swimmer. Ethan prefers breaststroke more then backstroke. He likes swimming because it helps his muscles after a long day of scooter riding.

Bianca’s favourite type of swimming technique is freestyle because it’s easy and fun. She thinks Mr Munday’s diving technique was helpful because he gave good advice. Bianca prefers breaststroke more than backstroke. She plays netball, dancing and swimming outside of school because they are fun and active. Bianca thinks swimming is good because she gets to swim and play with her friends.

Abby’s favourite technique is freestyle because she is fast at it. She didn't find Mr Munday’s diving lesson helpful because she has a personal trainer. Abby prefers breaststroke to backstroke as well. She does swimming, netball and dancing because it’s fun.

Mr Hawker's Learning Message

Growth Mindset

Successful people have a growth mindset. They believe that intelligence or being clever comes with hard work. At Camden Public School we want all our students to have a growth mindset. Our brain is like a muscle and when we exercise it gets stronger, which means we get smarter. To exercise our brain we have to challenge ourselves, work hard, persist in the face of setback and learn from feedback from our peers, parents and teachers. If you want find out more go to this link.

Written by Ieuan & Dylan

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Two Minutes With Some Students

We asked 3 questions to 4 students from each stage, Ella-K/1P, Hannah-2/6W, Ryan-4M and Elias-5/6L.

If you could have a superpower for one day, what would it be and why?

Ella wanted to fly so she could fly to her brother. Ryan wanted super strength so he could lift heavy things. Hannah wanted to fly so she could touch the clouds and Elias wanted to have a force that allowed him to control different things.

What is your favourite subject in school and why?

Ella likes art because she loves to draw. Hannah likes maths because she likes to solve the questions. Elias likes P.E. because he likes to run around and to stay fit at the same time and Ryan likes maths because it is fun and challenging.

Do you have any pets and if you do what are their names?

Elias has a dog named Tilly and he has a guinea pig named Lou Lou. Ella has a dog named Chloe. Ryan has a dog named Roxy and Hannah is getting guinea pigs and naming them Nibbles and Nubbles.

Written by Felicity & Bianca

Phunny Photo

When my teacher talks about fractions in mathematics, my hair goes like this!!!

by Lance & Tamika

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Fun Nature Facts

Bees by Mia, Charlotte & Ella

  1. A Queen bee is a female.

  2. A Drone bee is a male that stays in the hive to put the pollen in places of the hive.

  3. A Worker bee is a female. They go outside of the hive to collect the pollen from flowers.

  4. A bee’s favourite flowers are Paterson’s Curse, River Red Gum, Yellow Box, Leather Wood, Grey Iron Bark, Napunyah and Parrot Bush.

  5. The Australian Worker bee has a wing beat of around 200 beats per-second.

  6. Worker bees and the Queen bee have stingers but the Drone bees don’t.

  7. The Queen mates with a Drone and then kills the Drone.

Did you know that Mr Hawker is a bee keeper?

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Library Book Recommendations

These book reviews were written by Jaimee, Taylor and Ashley.

The Cocky Who Cried Dingo by Heath McKenzie:

Here is a book for Early Stage One. This book is great for teaching kids a lesson about how you only pull tricks on someone who will think it's funny otherwise you will get into trouble like cocky did with his cheeky tricks. Cocky finally learns his lesson… or does he?

Hey Jack and Billie B Brown by Sally Rippin:

Here is a book for Stage One. Hey Jack is a series about a boy named Jack on a crazy set of adventures throughout the series. Billie B Brown is also a series of mysterious and fun stories about a girl named Billie B Brown.

Let It Rip Potato Chip by Peter Duncan:

If you like a good joke then this is the perfect book for you. It has a hilarious collection of rhymes, chants, and jokes made up by all the children around the world. If you like this book then you might like All Right Vegemite and Unreal Banana Peel.

The Pirate Company by Susan Cason:

If you like adventures and mysterious stories then you will like this book. A gang of pirates found a boy named Tom all by himself. Will the pirates save the day?


The answers are at the bottom of the article.

Jokes complied by Daniel and Ryan:

  1. What did the pelican say to the waiter?

  2. What can you hear but not see and only speaks when spoken to?

  3. What trees do fortune tellers look at?

  4. Why is history useless?

  5. What is the easiest way to get on TV?

  6. What’s green, slimy and goes 1000 miles per hour?

  7. Why did the boy sit on his watch?

  8. When do clocks die?

  9. What do you put in a barrel to make it lighter?

The answers

1. Put it on my bill.

2. An Echo.

3. Palms.

4. Because it already happened.

5. Sit on it.

6. frog in a blender.

7. He wanted to be on time.

8. When the time is up.

9. A hole.

Safety First

Bike Safety

by Cameron & Lleyton

Before riding a bike, always check that your helmet fits correctly by placing 2 fingers on your forehead between your eyes and your helmet. If there’s not a two finger space, your helmet is too high or low and you must adjust your helmet just to top of your fingers.

Remember this: No helmet = No riding your bike.

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This Edition's Creative Photographs

The photographers for this edition of Too Cool For School News were Sophia and Lily. They have added some creative shots.