Stories of Perseverance

Created by: Evan Bach

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg (Cause and Effect)

The story of Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg begins when she is a young girl. Nadja's mom inspired her to play the violin as a child and as the years went on, Nadja developed as a violinist and was eventually accepted into the University of Juilliard.

Whilst at Juilliard, Nadja's ability began to decline, she noticed that she was not able to play the pieces she used to be able to such as Carmen Fantasy. As a result, Nadja's confidence began to decline. Feeling that she wasn't good enough to play the violin, Nadja stopped playing for seven long months. During this period Nadja continued to go to lessons, but did not play the violin. Because of this, Nadja's teacher threatened to kick her out of lessons. Knowing that she needed to get back into playing the violin, Nadja signed up for the Walter W. Naumburg competition. This caused Nadja to feel that she needed to practice a lot in order to preform well. Nadja started practicing 13 hours a day and living like a hermit with awful eating habits. Nadja was one of the fifty violinists that auditioned on May 25, 26, and 27, 1981. Nadja's AMBITION proved helpful, she advanced to the preliminary stages and was one of the thirteen people that advanced to the semi-finals. The day of the semi-finals, May 28th, Nadja went to the Merkin Concert Hall. Nadja decided to play the Prokofiev first. She played well and went on to play the Carmen Fantasy. The afternoon after the semi-finals Nadja was evicted. Nadja begged her landlord who eventually let her stay for a short time. Nadja got back to her apartment in time to receive the call that informed her she had made the finals. Nadja played three pieces for fifty five minutes in the final at Carnegie Hall. She later went out to lunch with her friends and returned to the competition. After a long wait the competition director went up to the stage to announce the winner. Nadja was sitting with her friends and looking at the floor when the director announced her name. She had won! Nadja was shocked that she had TRIUMPHED.

Nadja went on to have a very successful career. Between September 1981 and May 1982 Nadja played a hundred concerts in America, one in Europe, and two months of summer festivals. Nadja had found what she loved to do.

Maury Wills (Description)

Maury Wills, born born October 2, 1932, faced many adversities on his way to becoming a record-breaking baseball player. Maury was only five feet eight inches tall and one hundred and fifty pounds when he first tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950. Although he was a talented pitcher, fast sprinter and good fielder, he could not hit the ball. Although he was signed, he was sent down to the minor leagues in order to develop. An example of Maury showing PERSEVERANCE is his hours worth of practice. Hoping to overcome his hitting ADVERSITY, Maury practiced hitting every day for hours. Despite the practice, Maury could not get into a hitting groove but he did not give up, Maury continued to work and learned to hit left handed as well as right handed. When Maury's team went to an away game, Maury tried switch hitting. He got two hits! Maury recalled that he finally felt like a baseball player again. Maury got his chance to play in the Major leagues eventually, but his hitting was not still not major league caliber. Maury continued to play with the Dodgers, and after eight and a half frustrating years Maury finally found his hitting groove. While on the Dodgers Maury explored a different aspect of his game, stealing bases. He continued to steal bases like Ty Cobb. He set his eyes on Ty Cobb's record, and on game number 155 Maury broke Ty Cobb's stolen base record by getting two steals, and topping Cobb's record, that stood for forty-seven years, by one stolen base. At the end of the season, Maury was named the most valuable player in the Major league, an astonishing accomplishment given his difficult past.
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Jamie Vardy (Sequencing)

Jamie Richard Vardy was born on the 11th of January 1987. Jamie Vardy's incredible story of hard-work and RESOLVE shows that anything you work toward can be achieved. After being released by Sheffield Wednesday at the age of sixteen, Vardy began his formal career with Stocksbridge Park Steels, earning a spot in the first team in the year of 2007. During this time, Vardy split his time between playing non-league football and working in a factory. Vardy spent three seasons with Stocksbridge Park Steels, but he was not COMPLACENT with playing non-league football. Vardy later joined the Northern Premier League side F.C. Halifax Town in 2010. Vardy won the club's "Player's Player of the Year" award after scoring 26 goals in his debut season, then later moved to the side Fleetwood Town in 2011. Vardy scored 31 league goals in his first season, leading to him wining the Player of the Year award for his team. In May of 2012, Jamie Vardy signed for Leicester City, a team playing in England's second highest division. Jamie Vardy transferred for a minimal fee of one million pounds. Jamie Vardy helped his team win the league championship in the 13-14 season, leading them to be put in the Barclays Premier League. Leicester's first season in the premier league was very difficult, the team were fighting relegation the whole year, but narrowly escaped after finishing fourteenth, six points away from relegation. The next year was a complete turn around for Leicester and Jamie Vardy. Jamie Vardy's PERSISTENT scoring lead to him breaking Ruud Van Nistelrooy's record of ten consecutive goals in the Premier League by one goal. Jamie Vardy's success did not end there, he was voted the Premier League Player of the season, and most importantly, lead Leicester City to winning the 15-16 Premier League season. Jamie Vardy is a truly NOBLE footballer whose story will be remembered for many years.
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Caine's Arcade (Problem and Solution)

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Oscar and Lorenzo (Compare and Contrast)

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