Women Strike for Equality

Madison Young

Key Points

  1. On Nov. 1 1961 The women's strike for peace, drew 50,000 women nationwide to protest nuclear weapons and U.S. involvement in War in the South East
  2. Dec. 14 1961, presidents John f. Kennedy established the order put the President's Commission on The Status of Women
  3. 1963 The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan was published
  4. June 10, 1961, The Equal Pay Act was signed to law by President John F. Kennedy
  5. in !966, the national Organization for Women was founded

To my readers

I have decided to choose this topic because so many people now days have this movement wrong. There are many people today who still believe men are superior to women. Which shouldn't be the case. This movement was set out and founded to receive equal pay, have similar working rights and to end women quality. I chose this to show the inside look on this movement.

Why I chose these pictures

I chose these pictures to show the main events, major people who influenced this movement, major riot, many of the acts that followed this movement and some of the major dates.