Africa's Endangered Animals

The Cheetah


The cheetah is the fastest land animal on Earth. It can go from 0 to 110 mph in a second! It also leaps 20 feet three times every second! The cheetah is the third fastest animal on Earth, behind two birds.

Photo Credit

Cheetah by Arno Meintes via Flickr


-The cheetah must look for its food in the wild.

-Its favorite animal is the antelope, which is also very fast.

-The cheetah must eat its prey very quickly, or bigger cats, such as the lion or tiger, will come for the meat.

-The cheetah is a prey to tigers and lions.



Photo credit

Antelope by Saparevo via Flickr


-Cheetahs are found in eastern and southern Africa.

-Nambia is the most cheetah-populated country.

-Cheetahs live in tall grass, usually in areas that are protected.

-Cheetahs live in a tropical climate. They can, however, survive in cold climates since they have fur.



Photo Credit

Cheetah in tall grass by Gery Porter


-The cheetah has sharp teeth, good eyesight, and can camouflage using the pattern on its fur.
-The cheetah's sharp teeth make it easy to kill its prey.
-They have very powerful legs, allowing for a quick escape.
-Adult cheetahs tend to live with their cubs, until they grow up and can survive on their own.


Photo Credit

Cheetah features by Max Warner via Flickr
Running Cheetah

Video Credit

Running Cheetah by Walid Elgharbawy via Youtube

Endangerment and Conservation Efforts

-The main reason cheetahs are endangered is because they are attacked by bigger cats, such as lions and tigers.
-Another reason cheetahs are endangered is because when farmers see them near their crops, the farmers shoot them.
-Now, groups that protect wildlife are setting up protected wildlife parks where cheetahs can roam without the dangers of predators.
-People should donate to save cheetahs because they are one of the most interesting type of cats, and will be extinct in a matter of years without your help. Please, donate today.


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