The Road to Perseverance

By: Aidan Bergin

Caine's Arcade

In a documentary made on YouTube, a young boy named Caine suddenly became noticed and famous. It starts off on a day were young 10 year old Caine came to help his dad and his auto parts shop. Caine's dad didn't need his help anymore so Caine was messing around in the back of his dad's shop, and suddenly, he had a small idea. He decided he wanted to build an arcade. One example of Caine doing all that he can is he mustered everything up that he had and made it out of cardboard. He worked on it almost everyday that he could, but never had a customer stop by. He was noble about it, but was quite bored of just sitting around. Then one day a customer finally came to play at Caine's arcade. They both had a great time, and even greater, the customer shared it with many people and had them all surprise him at his arcade. Another reason Caine achieved his goal is that he never gave up since day one.
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Nadja on My Way

The problem Nadja Salerno faced was as thing got difficult she began to lose confidence in what she did. She had little hope, as her teacher was considering throwing her out of her class. She was encouraged by her friend, but felt like that wasn't enough. One hard change for Nadja was that her apartment complex caught on fire. She was heart broken, until she found out she was selected as a semi-finalist in her competition. She couldn't resolve now. She then advanced on to the finals. Nadja thought and knew she had a possibility to win it all. The answer to her long quest was that she won the finals, and kept persevering and became world famous and played many more pieces.
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Maury Wills

Maury Wills always wanted to play on the Brooklyn Dodgers, and when he couldn't improve from Class D, he began to feel inadequate about himself. After eight years of still playing in the minors, the Dodgers didn't even consider moving him up. He even considered quitting a one point. His struggle was hitting, so he went to his first base coach and was persistent until his coach agreed to help have an affect on Maury's hitting. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Dodgers starting shortstop got injured, and they were scrambling for a replacement. As a result, Maury was again not considered by the Dodgers. Later one of his coaches from the minors got the Dodgers to look at him and they took him. Maury then was a franchise star for the Dodgers, earning an MVP award and broke the record for stolen bases.
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Michael Jordan Timeline

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Luis Arranda Vs. Oscar Vasquez

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