Graphic Designer

Amish Dara

Basic Skills

-Creative Thinking

-Print Design and Layout




-Social Media Marketing

Types of activities on the job

Graphic designers collect and create solutions to communications problems. They use colour, illustration, photography, animation, and a variety of print and layout techniques. Some of the things they make include, magazines, advertisements, newspapers, and journals
A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer | Graphic Design

Working conditions and physical demands

Most graphic designers work at home. Most of the physical demands are sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time.

Work hours and travel

The work hours depend; on average graphic designers work 37 hours a week. Some graphic designers travel, they have to attend meeting with clients and sometimes that can involve visiting other countries or you might never have to leave the city where you are based.

Educational Requirements

To be a graphic designer at the minimum you need a bachelors degree.


Average National Wage: $44,150.00

Average Wage in Texas: $58,000.00

Average Wage per hour in Texas: $37.20

Future Outlook

The job outlook will continue to be average because the retirement rate is about the same as those that are seeking for the job. Although the the number of job seekers will likely exceed the number of job openings it wont be a huge impact.


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