What We Want in the Rainforest

Native Amazonians' Perspective

What us Native Amazonians' Want With the Rainforest.

Us Native Amazonians just want to be able to live in there homes in the rainforest. We use the rain-forest's recources by hunting, fishing, and growing some crops in small cleared areas. We don't want our home being destroyed, or used for things like, for an example, cattle ranches. We believe that this is our home, and we were here first, and we don't deserve to have our home ruined. Us Native Amazonians believe that we should get to keep our land, and people should leave our land and our resources alone, because we were there first, and it is our home. You wouldn't want us to come to your house and start cutting up all of your resources and using it, and taking your food, would you? So let us Native Amazonians keep the land that we have had for about 12,000 years.

We Need Our Home

We, the Native Amazonians', cannot have the rainforest destroyed or taken away from us. We need the rainforest. If the rainforest is destroyed, we won't have a home. We need a place to live and to raise our families. If our home is destroyed, we wouldn't have a good place to live or to raise our families, so we would have to find somewhere else to live. This would result in us having to get used to a new environment, different kinds of houses, different ways of living, new food, and we would probably start losing some of our traditions, too. And no one wants that. It's only fair for us to be able to stay here and keep living here like we have been. We are the ones who's home is the rainforest, the ones who do not harm the rainforest, or cut it down to make it into our home, but instead leave the trees and natural recources here and still are able to live here, and the ones who were here first, way before anyone else. So, it wouldn't be fair to destroy the rainforest, and take it away from us. The rainforest is our home, was our home first, and we need our home!