drag and drop app builder


drag and drop app builder

Creating an app is pretty easy these days. Yes, you heard it right! Using our drag and drop app builder, one can design wonderful apps, without coding. It is easy, professional and powerful. Having your own app for your business can increase your brand name, and also for startups, creating apps using the "drag and drop app builder" would be a good move to establish themselves in the market.

1. Create App.

  • Pick a template for your app.
  • Name your app.
  • Choose an Icon for your app.
  • Describe your app with proper keywords so Search Engines can find your app. You can add / modify this later.

2. Design & Publish.

  • Add Screen.
  • Drag & Drop controls.
  • Configure controls.
  • Preview your app.
  • Save your app.
  • Validate your app.
  • Publish your app & go live.

3. Publish to Stores.

  • Download App Viewer and Preview your app in Android and iOS.
  • Configure your app using Publish > Properties.
  • Convert to Android and iOS formats.
  • Download converted files and submit to stores for free OR have us submit it for you for a nominal fee.

4. Promote your App.

  • Post the QR code in posters, banners, flyers & coupons.
  • Send your app to friends and family using Invite a Friend.
  • Post your app to Social Media.
  • If you have a website, use Public Link in your web to redirect mobile visitors to your app.

There is no need to install any software and get confused. Use our drag and drop app builder, and create apps which is simple and requires less technical knowledge. Your live application is just three steps away, and what you create is absolutely free of cost, with no hidden charges.

Choose personal or professional type, for which you want to create the application for. With the super easy drag and drop app builder, create your app, with existing designs or new templates.

Without codes, using the drag and drop app builder, you can design top notch HTML5, web and native apps. One can also easily convert the same to android and iOS formats. After you choose your templates, add screens and using the drag and drop app builder, pull in controls, widgets and form elements. Customize it as per your requirement and preview and validate your app in browsers or real time devices. Once it’s done, you can push it to the cloud, Google Play or iTunes.