Work Based Learning Program

Oppurtunities involved in workbased learning

Join work based learning if you are interested in.

  • getting out of school early.
  • learning valuable skills associated with the work world.
  • obtaining the ability to be financially independent.
  • potentially starting on the path to a future career.
  • building work experience for a full resume.
  • Learning valuable economical skills in class to use in the future.
  • And much much more.

Is work based learning for you?

The work based learning program offers countless oppurtunities for each student. Whether it be getting work experience early to fill out a resume. Or even starting a future career early to get a head start after graduation. Along the way each student will also learn valuable economic skills to take with them into the future as an informed consumer. Do any of this interest you if so then apply for the Wbl program and get ready to explore the countless numbers of careers and jobs you can obtain experience in!

Workbased learning

There are many different career and job fields out there so come join and findout which field fits you best!