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August 9, 2019

Georgia Platinum Award 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2016!

2010 Georgia School of Excellence!

2012 and 2018 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence!

Greetings from the Principal

Dear Simpson Families,

We have had such a great first week of school! We thank our staff and all of you who helped us take care of our superstars!

In upcoming editions of “Star News”, I will share important processes and procedures that we use to maintain an orderly and safe learning environment at Simpson. “Star News” is sent electronically each Friday afternoon (unless the editor-in-chief , Ms. Schmit, gets behind in her work and sends it out over the weekend)!

We hope it has been helpful these first few days to send home emails with bus numbers and the times the buses left school each afternoon. We didn’t want anyone to worry! Since our buses seem to be running smoothly, we will not send that information home this coming week unless there is a significant change.

Why the picture of the crown, you might ask? On Monday, I explained to our students that a principal is a lot like a queen - she takes care of everybody in her castle (school). I have different crowns for different events. In the next two weeks, every kindergarten class will be invited to the principal's office to see all the items that a queen might have! The purpose of this visit is to show our youngest children that they should not be fearful of the principal and her office - respect, yes; fear, no!

We’re looking forward to a great year together as a school family! If you have any questions, let your child's teacher know!

If I can be of any help, please contact me at


Bron Gayna Schmit



The Simpson PTA offers a wide variety of opportunities for all parents to get involved in their child's school. Please fill out the volunteer e-form directly by clicking HERE to sign up to help with a committee. The link is also found under the Back to School Forms area. Additional committee descriptions and other valuable information can be found on the Simpson PTA website. Thank you for your support!


This Year’s Simpson PTA Annual Family Donation Drive will support:

✭ Arts in Education Events

✭ Fall Festival

✭ Father/Daughter Dance

✭ Mother/Son Game Night

✭ Winter & End-of-Year Parties for ALL classes

✭ Recycling Program & Earth Week

✭ School Beautification

✭ Science Fair

✭ Reflections Awards

✭ Starburst (Field Day)

✭ Talent Show

✭ 5th Grade Musical

✭ Exceptional Children's Week

✭ Staff Appreciation Week

✭ Additional Support to Benefit Students

Donate Online via the Simpson Elementary PTA Homepage (direct donation link can be found HERE)

100% of your annual donation goes to PTA programs and events and

improving our children’s school and classrooms!

✭ We would love to see as many families as possible participate! Every donation makes a difference.

100% of your annual donation is tax-deductible!!!

We Need Volunteer Help in the Computer Lab!


Please load and unload your child on the passenger side of your vehicle! (It would help us help your child if you move your booster or car seat to the passenger side.)

Remember not to open your driver's side door in case another car or day care van is pulling alongside you. We want to keep everyone safe!

Let our staff know if your child needs assistance. Many SUVs have doors that automatically open. We're always happy to help!


Go right to your child's classroom! Meeting begins at 6:30 PM!

Monday, August 19th, Grades PK-2, 6:30 pm

Tuesday, August 20th, Grades 3-5, 6:30 pm

The 2019-2020 PTA Budget and April 2019 General Membership Meeting Minutes will also be voted on at Curriculum Night. Please visit the PTA website to review the budget proposal and minutes.

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Hear about Scouting programs and join the fun!

Tuesday, August 13

6:30 PM

In support of our Scouting program, we ask all our Scouts (Girl and Boy) to wear their T shirts (if applicable) on Monday, August 12 and uniforms on Tuesday, August 13th!

Boy Scouts - Cafeteria and Media Center

Girl Scouts - Art Room

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● We are still taking Box Tops until they eventually all go digital!

● Please download the app, scan your receipt and earn cash for our school.

● Each Box Top is worth 10¢ and last year we earned $849.60.

● Our goal for this year is $1000.

● Learn more about the BOX TOPS app @BTFE.COM

Our FIRST Box Top Drawing is Friday, August 30th.
Five lucky winners will get a free ice cream coupon!

-10 trimmed box tops per snack-size Ziploc bag

-Include child’s name, teacher and grade on each bag

-Tell children to put the bags in the “Box Tops” box located in Simpson Square.

Thank you for supporting our school programs.


Did you take first day of school photos? If so, the Yearbook Committee wants to see them! Please submit your photos through one of the following options:

  1. Upload the photos through the Balfour:
    1. Website:
    2. ImageShare App on iPhone and Android devices:…/uploads/Image_Share_web.pdf

      Project number is: 025879
      No passcode required

  1. Send in your first day of school pictures to:

REMINDER: When taking pictures, please make sure not to photograph any child whose parents did not grant permission for photos.

2019-20 Simpson Yearbook sales will take place only TWICE during the school year, so please take note:

Oct 21 - Nov 2, 2019

Feb 17 - 29, 2020

You will be able to purchase yearbooks online via credit card or send payment (check or money order) to school with your child. Cash will not be accepted.

*No yearbooks will be available for purchase in May.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat lunch with my child?
Yes, but……
√ Please wait until after the first two weeks of school - we want children to learn the routines of the cafeteria!
√ We have very limited eating space for visitors - it would be helpful to limit the number of times you visit for lunch. We only have one visitor’s table. Perhaps joining your child for his/her birthday or when grandparents visit. Thanks so much!

Can I change my child's mode of transportation?

It is very confusing for students, as well as teachers, to alternate between car riders, bus
riders, day care riders, walkers bike riders and GASP! after school care. Making sure over 990 students get home safely each afternoon takes a great deal of logistical communication. :-)

Should there be a need to change transportation, a written note to the teacher from the child’s parent or guardian is required on the morning of the change.

Changes in transportation of any kind will NOT be accepted via email, FAX or phone. Please do not email the teacher any time-sensitive information.
In cases of extreme emergency, please call school (770-417-2400) and ask to speak with an administrator.
This is for the safety of your child.

What if my child forgets something in the morning?

We appreciate your support in teaching our students to be responsible leaders of their own learning. It is a good idea to prepare for each day the evening before - pack lunches, put homework, glasses, snacks and lunch money in book bags and put the book bag next to the door. Write notes to teachers and have them ready.

In an effort to preserve instructional time, we refrain from beeping into classes to ask students to come to the office to pick up a forgotten item. Teachers will stop by the front office on the way to lunch to pick up any forgotten items/birthday treats. After lunch, items will be placed in teachers’ mailboxes to be picked up at the end of the day.

A forgotten item may or may not be an essential piece of a child’s learning. For example, glasses are essential - snacks are not.

What if my child forgets his/her agenda book, textbook, etc. in the afternoon?

We begin the first day of school teaching students to check book bags each afternoon to make sure they have everything they will need for the evening. When staff members leave in the afternoon, they lock their classroom doors. We try very hard not to interrupt our custodians' schedules to ask them to unlock a classroom to retrieve a forgotten item.

If my child is a walker, where do I meet him/her in the afternoon?

Good question!

Meet your child near the marquee at the three way intersection.

A staff member will walk students to that point.

May We Bring Outside Food Into the Cafeteria?

In order to support our cafeteria, we ask parents not to bring in food from the

outside. Please let all relatives know our request.

Thank you!

Will My Child Go Outside for Recess?

YES! Weather Permitting

If we experience extremely high temperatures, we will be careful about students being outside for long periods of time. We also want students to stay hydrated. If we have extremely high temperatures, teachers and students may take a short walk inside or outside and/or do some stretch and stand in place exercises before beginning indoor play. Exercise is important- indoors or outdoors!

Do we have students with allergies at Simpson? YES!

√ We send home a letter to all parents whose child has a classmate with an allergy such as a nut allergy, alerting them so all food in that classroom (snacks, etc.) will be nut-free.

√ We have special seating in our cafeteria for students with severe allergies.

√ Our clinic alerts cafeteria and support staff to the names of students with allergies.

√ Our custodial staff uses appropriate cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean tables, chairs and surfaces.

When do ice cream sales begin?

Monday, August 19

Ice Cream costs $1.00.

We appreciate one dollar bills please!

What if my child leaves a piece of clothing or school item at school?

PLEEEEEZE!!! Put your child’s name on coats, jackets, hats, mittens, gloves, lunchboxes, water bottles, etc. Help us keep Lost and Found EMPTY!!!!!

Thank you so much!

Can visitors come to school?

All visitors must check in at the Front Office or Welcome Desk and wear their yellow identification sticker while at Simpson. if a parent wants to speak with a teacher, please contact the teacher and set up a specific time to meet with him/her. We do not interrupt instruction for visitors. Thank you for helping us keep our students safe.

Can I check out my child early?

3:00 is the latest that students may be checked out. Bus and car rider dismissal will begin at 3:20 each day. After 3:00 PM, we begin preparing for an orderly dismissal.

Where can I find out more information about life at Simpson?

The Student/Parent handbook is located our our website at

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Please use our car rider lane instead of parking on side streets and waiting for your child to walk to your car. It is extremely dangerous! We have had several “near misses” as a child runs to a waiting car. It is very upsetting to our neighbors for cars to park in front of their houses. The police will ticket cars!

Thank you for helping us keep children safe!


A BIG Superstar THANK YOU to:

✭ Tina Lee-Levi, our new Beautification Chair, (and her Mom!) for their hard work planting all the flowers in the boxes and pots out front.

✭ The PTA Student Registration Support Committee for all of their outstanding work on Meet Your Teacher Day. Everyone had a fun day welcoming so many Superstars and parents to the 2019-2020 school year.

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