New School Year Tech Reminders

WHPS Tech Tips

Adding Software to Devices

There are no changes to the process for acquiring new software. Staff can make software requests through Helpdesk. Requests get reviewed, and if vendors have signed the Student Data Privacy Pledge or signed a Privacy Policy addendum with WHPS, deployment proceeds. Visit for the specific instructions for requesting free or paid apps or software.

Public Act 16-189

Public Act 16-189, an Act Concerning Student Data Privacy, addresses the provision of personally identifiable student information to individuals or entities outside West Hartford Public Schools. While we are vigilant about maintaining student confidentiality under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), this Connecticut law adds a layer of requirements to ensure student privacy. Public Act 16-189 sets forth minimum privacy and contractual standards for all parties involved in the creation, use, or handling of student data. Apps that clearly do not collect student work and/or student information often receive quick approval without getting posted to the website and get released to Meraki for prompt use (example: Dice app).

The Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology created an Educational Software Hub for educators and software developers to understand our statute and sign a digital Student Data Privacy Pledge. WHPS staff are welcome to join the community to see many resources including up-to-date info on the hundreds of vendors who have pledged compliance with PA 16-189. Before the Hub was established, WHPS had already entered into agreements with many vendors who may not have pledged compliance with the rest of Connecticut.

Tips for Making Helpdesk Requests

  • Please create separate Helpdesk tickets for each incident. software inquiry, or training request rather than combining them together.

  • Making Helpdesk requests online is preferred because it is faster and more efficient than contacting Helpdesk through email or phone. Here are the instructions for new users.
Big picture

There are lots of great new features in Google Classroom!

Check out some Back to School 2018 FAQs to common questions. Learn about:

  • The new Classwork page
  • New grading tool
  • Copy and reuse classwork
  • Improved People and Settings pages
  • Turn off notifications for a class
  • And much more!

Reminders about New Photocopiers

During summer 2018, new copiers were deployed throughout all schools. Learn more about registering your school ID badge for the first time and FAQs.

Cyber Safety: Protecting Your Information

Have a cyber-safe year by reviewing some quick tips.

WHPS Telephone FAQs

Questions about WHPS phones? Get your answers here!

How to see your Gmail Groups

You can use Groups to create email lists to easily send email, or share files and calendars with larger groups. These lists ensure the right people are getting the information they need from you.