S.M.A.R.T. Digital Citizenship

By: Jorge Gallardo

Safety is FIRST.

Be safe on whatever you browse.

Also, look out for other people and report any websites that might harm other people.

My Creation or Give Credit to Owner

When you use objects or sources from other websites or people make sure to cite the sources.

If you make the object and it's ENTIRELY ORIGINAL, you do not have to cite but make sure to claim it as your own.

Awareness of accuracy

Check for liability and make sure that people cite and have lots of sources.

Also, be aware of the biases some people have.

If it's a company they're bound to only support their product.

Responsible posting

Keep in mind that when you get a job your employers will look you up on social media and see what you post. BE RESPONSIBLE AND REMEMBER EVERYONE CAN SEE WHAT YOU SAY.

Traceable Footprint

Remember that people can trace you by your digital footprint and find out what you are doing.

So, make sure that you are keeping track of what you are doing and be responsible.