Scientific Revolution

Natalie Saenz

What was the change?

The Scientific Revolution was a new way of thinking about the natural world. The change was based upon careful observation and brought up questions for accepted beliefs. Many different kinds of discoveries and circumstances were brought to the Scientific Revolution that helped spread its impact.

Who Were The People Associated With The Change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

Because other people were studying the universe, other scientists decided to study other secrets of nature. Scientific tools, medicine and the Human body and discoveries in chemistry were found. Many scientists built and developed new tools to help better their observations, like the microscope and the mercury barometer. Also, in late 1700's, Edward Jenner introduced vaccine for smallpox, the worlds first vaccine. Another discovery that helped impact the society at the time was that Robert Boyle had thought differently about Aristotle's idea that the physical world was earth, water, air and fire. He then discovered that volume, temperature, and pressure of gas affect each other.

How is that change evident in today's modern society?

We do still this day make changes to that new change, of the Scientific Revolution. Many astronauts go to space and bring back new information and new discoveries. Many more planets, many more universes, much more information that Copernicus, Kepler nor Galileo could have even imagined. Many more discoveries are still to be discovered.