A Disease Not Worth Forgetting

By: Lisbeth Gallardo


What is the disease? What does the disease do to a person?

It's a disease that makes you lose your memory and causes problems with your actions and behavior. It messes with their personatly and their brain. They repeat statements and questions over again with out knowing they asked it before.

How many people are affected? Who is affected? How common is it?

More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's. Unless the disease is caught early and is treated early. People at the age of 65 and older can get Alzheimer's. Also people under the age of 65 can get it too. It affects one in ten people over the age of 65 and almost half of people over the age of 85.

What causes it? (Be specific about the genetic cause!)

Scientists say that Alzheimer's is caused by genetic lifestyle and environmental factors. Genetic influence doesn't make you get it. However it does increase your chances on developing it. Also if your parent/sibling has it your risk is higher of getting it. Also you may have the cell of the disease but it may not develop.

How is it inherited?

We inherit Alzheimer's through our parents. Also if one of your siblings have it you have a chance of getting it too.

How is it diagnosed? Can you test or screen it?

The doctor will ask the patient questions about their medical problems. Their are endless tests for Alzheimer's.

What are its symptoms?

Early signs of Alziemers is forgetting newly learned information. You might be forgetting things and your confusion increases. But the first thing that you would notice is having trouble remembering things and organizing thoughts.

How is the disease/disorder treated?

The doctor can give you some medicine to help slow down losing your memory. To adapt the way you would live with Alziemers.
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