King Connections

October 19, 2020

Important Information


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Dear King Families!

This week is filled with some exciting activities! From STEAM Week to Curriculum Night, we hope you are able to participate in all!

This week's King Connections includes:

* STEAM Week Information

* October's Character Education Theme: RESPECT

* Family Survey Feedback Responses and Comments

* Open House/Curriculum Night Updates with Meeting Links and Translation Information

* Workshop Survey from King Social Workers



Please be sure to utilize the district tech website if you are having any tech issues.

Please note: The district has created this "Return to Learn" page that includes timely planning updates and resources for families.

October’s Character Education Theme of the Month is RESPECT

Definition:Treating yourself and others with courtesy and consideration.

“I” Statement: I will treat others the way I want to be treated

Conversation Starters

  • Why is it important to show respect at school and outside of school?

  • What does respect look like and sound like in your culture?

  • What are ways you can demonstrate respect for others? Yourself?

  • What should you do when you feel someone else is not being respectful?

Read-Alouds about Respect

King Family Survey Feedback

Below are just some of the responses and comments that many of you shared from the Remote Learning Family Survey.

QUESTION 1: One success for your child(ren) this year

* Great work in Writer's Workshop; lots of good stories being told.

* More engaged in remote learning than last time. Is really loving Art and Math.

* Learning to use her Chromebook

* Both have stay engaged with remote learning so far

* He is very excited about learning from home

* Participation in video chats

* She has been enjoying getting to know her new teacher!

* For my children to make the most of the current situation and give it their all.

* They are engaged by their teachers

* Speaking up when she needs assistance from the teacher and treating the day as though she is in school. (Asking for help from her teacher before asking a parent.)

* Staying at his desk and on task during the day

* Connecting with his teachers and classmates

* Being able to learn how to navigate online and working remotely

* Learn to read

* He is rocking remote learning!

* Successfully listening and being able to follow instructions virtually

* His teacher has been wonderful about walking him through how to use the technology to communicate his learning and even in all of this, she has helped him to continue to enjoy learning.

* Getting better and better at navigating google classrooms and meets.

* Being able to navigate different tabs, Google Classrooms, and other websites independently

* Being independent with technology and really taking charge of her own learning during remote!

* They have adapted well to the new norm.

* For the third grader, she is demonstrating great independence. For my Kindergartner, I've been encouraged to see her overcome her shyness.

* Learning how to adapt to a new situation and learning how to be flexible and patient!

* My 1st grader can get into his classroom and to and from his specials all by himself, as well as submitting classwork to his teacher. The touch screen chrome books are great for this.

* They are able to figure out how to get back in to their class if they are having technical issues (which isn’t often)

QUESTION 2: One challenge for your child(ren) this year

* Continue to develop social/emotional skills while not being around other kids

* "Down time" waiting for the teacher to help kids with tech issues. Tech issues are just part of the process but some days it really breaks her momentum and motivation.

* Not being in a classroom with her teacher

* Having to be in front of a screen for the whole day. One child prefers pencil to paper work over digital

* Not enough social interaction

* Staying focused on the computer

* Not interacting with other children

* To stay focused and enthused even in these uncertain times.

* Staying at his desk and on task during the day

* Technology

* Social connections

* Being online for the entire day is way too much screen time. We are hoping for more small group opportunities instead of whole class all day long.

* Being able to sit at the computer for a long time.

* Being able to log into meetings by himself

* Lack of physical activity

General Comments: I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of the comments that celebrate our students, teachers, and staff.

* My kids seem to be doing well with the remote learning and actually enjoy working in the chrome books.

* My kids teachers have made google classroom links very accessible. My second grader is more timid in trying to access them than my kindergartner.

* We have had very minor glitches. Overall, we are very impressed with how his teachers are able to keep him engaged throughout the day! Kudos to you all. We are so appreciative of all your hard work!

* We have been very impressed with how King teachers and staff have managed to turn a terrible situation into a positive one and are so appreciative of the tremendous amount of work that is being done to ensure our children have a good experience.

* We appreciate everything everyone at King has done to make remote learning successful! We find that it is working wonderfully!

* Teachers are doing an amazing job keeping kids engaged all day.

* My fourth grader does well either remotely or in person. She was just happy to be back to school. Having so much more structure with remote learning this year has definitely helped my now First grader. Would he do better in the classroom? Yes, but given the circumstances I’m fine with him being remote, and he is adjusting well to it. I feel like it’s gone much smoother than I had anticipated, so I’m happy with that. Our teachers have the patience of saints!

King Curriculum Night/Open House- TOMORROW, October 20th!!!

Open House/Curriculum Night is taking place tomorrow, October 20, 2020, from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Each classroom teacher will offer two identical 30 minute sessions for families as outlined below. Additionally, there are two opportunities to visit with all of the specialists to learn more about Music, Art, PE, and Library/Media!

Please check the schedule below. On Tuesday, CLICK HERE for all of the meeting links.

  • K-2 Homerooms: 6:30-7:00 & 7:00-7:30
  • 3-5 Homerooms: 7:00-7:30 & 7:30-8:00
  • Specialists: 6:30-7:00 (3-5) and 7:30-8:00 (K-2)
  • ESL Teachers, Special Educators, and other service providers will drop into classroom meets.

The goal for this night is to provide families with an overview of the grade-level expectations and curriculum. This is not a time to conference with your child's teacher, but our educators are always willing to arrange for a check-in at another time. Just email them!

TRANSLATION INFORMATION: Below are links to a video presentation with directions on how to turn on the translation feature in Google Meet. The instructions are available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Hopefully this will help those who would benefit to understand how to turn on the translation feature.






Please complete this form if you plan to withdraw your child from Framingham Public Schools. Click Here

Dates to Remember


  • 20th- Curriculum Night/Open House 6:30-8:00PM
  • 26th- Tentative Return to the Building for students with High Needs

  • 3rd - No School: (PD)
  • 4th - PTO Meeting-7:00pm
  • 11th - No School: Veteran's Day
  • 25th - Half Day: Dismissal at 12:20pm
  • 26th- 27th - No School: Thanksgiving Recess

King School Hours

School Hours 9:05am - 3:20pm

Early Release Days

  • Students are dismissed at 12:55pm.
  • Lunch IS served.
  • Early Release Thursdays: 9/18/20, 12/3/20, 12/10/20, 12/17/20, 1/7/21, 1/14/21, 3/11/21, 4/29/21, 5/6/21, 5/13/21, 5/20/21, 5/27/21

Half Days
  • Students are dismissed at 12:20pm.
  • Lunch IS NOT served.
  • Half Days: 11/25 and the last day of school.


The online transportation request form for the 2020 - 2021 school year is now open.

If you need illustrated instructions on how to complete your Transportation Request in English, please visit THIS LINK. Here are the Portuguese and Spanish versions as well.

City of Framingham Food & Donation Resources

Click here for resources available through the city of Framingham

Community Resources

For emergency food assistance call the Framingham Emergency Food Line (508-532-5479). For food or housing referrals, please contact the Family Resource Center (508-270-4313). If you or your child is having a mental health emergency, please call Advocates Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) at 508-872-3333 or call 911 for assistance.

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