Weekly Updats for LCMS Staff

By Tami Gunset



It is very important this final week of the semester that student are engaged and on task. Please be actively monitoring your students as they are working independently so that they do not become a discipline problem.

* I also need you by YOUR door greeting students as they enter and monitoring the hallway. The past two weeks we have dealt with fights or rumors of students planning to meet up to fight. We can curb a lot by being present in the hallways and around the building. Thanks for your help in this matter, it is not just that I do not want you visiting with each other but to prevent discipline issues.

Several Important things:

* It is very important that you are in contact with parent of student that will fail for the 3rd six weeks and for the Fall Semester. Begin calling this week, so parents are aware of their child failing. I would like for this to be documented, incase a parent comes to me and is surprised that their child has failed.

* Please make sure that I am aware of any Fall Semester failures, as soon as possible.

* We have several students leaving early for the break. These students are receiving an unexcused absence and will be responsible for getting worked/exams made up by Friday, January 8 @ 4pm. Please make arrangements for these students to take their exams the week of January 5.

* Grades will be due Monday, January 4 @ Midnight.

* Staff that worked extra 6 hours during the two week August professional development, will be off on January 4. Please know that you will be expected to have lesson plans done by Tuesday, January 5 and ready to begin class without a workday.

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DECEMBER 19, 2015 - January 4, 2016

8th Grade Banquet Fundraiser

Eat at Blue Sky on 98th on December 17 for lunch or dinner. Let them know you are with Lubbock-Cooper Middle School and we will receive a percentage, which will go toward the funds needed for the 8th grade Banquet.

Nurses Educating on Illegal Drugs & Synthetics (NEIDS)

Lubbock-Cooper is proud to host University Medical Center’s Nurses Educating on Illegal Drugs & Synthetics (NEIDS) in order to educate our community about the dangers of synthetic marijuana and other illegal drugs. NEIDS is an outreach group of registered nurses that believes synthetic marijuana and other illegal drugs kill and harm too many, especially teenagers who do not understand the dangers of these types of drugs. LCMS students will receive this presentation Friday, December 18 from 10:30am-11:30am.

For more information, please visit www.umcneids.com

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UIL Theater Production Students

Our UIL Theater Production students competed in their UIL competition on December 5 and did an amazing job! So proud of each of them for their hard work.

Honors Received:

  • Best Tech Crew
  • Best Actor - Cody Sechrist
  • All-Star Cast - Hope Flournoy
  • Honorable mention All-Star Cast - Kinsey Cudnoski, Whitley Walker, Stevi Scholz, Keegan Dorris

December Pirates of the Month

Congratulations to the following students on being selected as this month's Pirates of the Month. Each month, LCMS staff choose student Pirates of the Month. These students are chosen for their contributions to our school and community and for being caring, energetic students and good role models for others.

6th Grade:

Aiden Arnett

Anna Duran

7th Grade:

Matthew Ewing

Ainsley Schwintz

8th Grade:

Tyler Hairston

Sarah Popejoy

Lubbock-Cooper Middle School student publishes her first book!

Preorder the first children’s book by brand new author, Brynnan Brooks, and illustrator, Kristie Biro. Zinnia’s Laugh is the tale of a Native American princess whose BIG laugh is causing BIG trouble!

You can get Zinnia’s laugh as a physical book or a downloadable ebook.

Black and white copies are also available for kids to color.

About the Author

Brynnan Brooks is a 7th grader at Lubbock-Cooper Middle School. While this is her first children’s book, it is not her first story. She loves to write and does so whenever she has spare time. Brynnan also enjoys music (piano, drums, and euphonium), sports (softball & volleyball), crafting, and church activities.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the cost of an educational trip she is taking this summer to Washington D.C. and New York City. So be sure to share the links to this book with a friend.

About the Illustrator

Kristie Biro is 15 years old and resides in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. She enjoys karate, music, art, and horseback riding.

Zinnia's Laugh is available for pre-order atwww.chaplainpublishing.com/product/zinnias-laugh

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Teacher would you want to DONATE the ROLLS of DUCT TAPE!

The LCMS PTO is very excited to announce their newest fundraising event:

Duct Tape the Principal to the Wall

LCMS staff, students and parents will have the opportunity to duct tape LCMS's amazing Principal, Mrs. Gunset, to a wall of the school. The PTO will be selling duct tape in one yard strips for $1 each. Staff, students and parents will have the opportunity to place the duct tape strip on the Principal. We hope that enough duct tape strips will be placed on the Principal so that she will be suspended above the ground on a wall of the school. The PTO’s goal is to raise $1,200.00 to purchase Christmas Day Meal for those families in need at LCMS.

Next Two Week Calendar Events

• Monday, December 14 - Semester Reviews (All Day)

• Monday, December 14 - Girls Basketball vs Heritage @ Heritage (5:30pm/6:30pm)

• Monday, December 14 - Boys Basketball vs Heritage @ LC High School (6:00pm/7:00pm)

• Tuesday, December 15 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Clay Kennedy

• Tuesday, December 15 - Semester Reviews (All Day)

• Tuesday, December 15 - Choir Christmas Concert @ PAC (6pm)

• Wednesday, December 16 - Semester Test (All Day)

• Thursday, December 17 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chelsea Evans

• Thursday, December 17 - Semester Test (All Day)

• Friday, December 18 - Noon Dismissal

• Friday, December 18 - Semester Test (AM Only)

• Friday, December 18 - UIL Theater Production Play

• Friday, December 18 - Nurses Educating on Illegal Drugs & Synthetics (NEIDS) (10:30am)

• Friday, December 18 - END OF 3rd SIX WEEKS/FALL SEMESTER

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