The Coral Reef

Olivia Dahlstrom

The producers and consumers

One producer in the coral reef is seaweed. It has one adaptation which is its airbags so it can float to the surface to get light. Another one is phytoplankton and its adaptations are that they are small so they aren’t easy to be found. The last one I am going to talk about is the different types of sea grasses. One of their many adaptations is the stem they have which pulls in more nutrients that have dissolved. Another one is that they are really used to salt.

Producers aren’t all that are in the coral reef there are also consumers. One consumer is a starfish. Their sandy color helps them blend in to the sand and coral reef. Another producer is a mollusk; their adaptation is that they look like some plants so they blend in well. The last one is a sea sponge which happens to also be a sandy color that can blend in easily.