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December 2020

Edinburgh Middle School

The 8th grade students were studying storms and storm safety. They were given limited materials and needed to build a storm shelter. To test their shelters, we used a box fan to simulate high speed winds. Luckily, most of the shelters were able to withstand the wind!
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East Side Elementary

4th grade-Mrs. Malone

After learning about how freedom seekers used the North Star to guide them to the free states of the North, students created their own 'new' constellation. Their constellation would be used as a guide on the Underground Railroad.
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Leland Devon Melvin is an American engineer and a retired NASA astronaut. He served on board the Space Shuttle Atlantis as a mission specialist on STS-122, and as mission specialist 1 on STS-129. Melvin was named the NASA Associate Administrator for Education in October 2010
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