What is globalization?

Globalization is......

processes of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.
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The 4 categories of Globalization... Cultural, Environmental, Technological, Economic.

Cultural globalization: The transmission of ideas, meanings, and values across national borders.

Environmental globalization: The increasingly global effects of human activity on the environment.
Technological globalization: The growth of the world through technology.
Economic globalization: the increasing economic interdependence of national economies across the world through a fast increase in across border movements of goods, services, and technology.

Here are some maps of China, where Iphone chargers are made.

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Problems with China's technology industries

People who work in the iPhone factories in China, often don't get paid a fair amount for the work their doing. Even though they make the phones, employees can rarely afford to buy themselves a new piece of technology because they don't get paid as much as they should be.

check out what it's like to work here:

How can we fix this? Unfortunately, there's not much we can do besides gawk at how their employees are treated. It's very wrong, but China is not like the US. Our working environments are safer, and we are allowed to eat and drink and go to the bathroom.

Problems with China's economy

Since 1978 the Chinese economy has maintained economic growth at an average of nearly 8%. That is outstanding, however, despite the impressive figures there are many serious economic problems resulting from economic growth, such as debt.

Is China going into debt?!

How can we fix this? Well, we could offer some Chinese people jobs, or a place to stay so there wouldn't be as many people in China, but then there would be more people in the U.S. and we will eventually run out of room too. China has way too many people. Period. I guess that's why their population is controlled and they have a one child per family limit.

Problems with China's environment

The environment in China is very unsafe, because of debris in the air, etc. I would not want to live there, would you?

An example of what it's like to live in a place full of pollution:

How can we fix this? The U.S. can offer to help clean up places in China such as rivers, or lakes. The pollution in China is so bad, that many people die every year from the air they breathe. We could give China some tips on how to reduce their carbon footprint, and not produce as much air pollution.

Problems with China's culture

Why does China have a one child policy?
What is the point of that and why do they usually keep the boys, instead of the girls?
Why did people in China bind their feet? Are they crazy or not?

We cannot really offer a solution to China because it's their culture, and they don't need to change it. How would we feel if China tried to tell us what to change about our culture? Just because we don't necessarily agree with it doesn't mean we need to make it more like our own.