Only Three Hours To Spend

By Aubree Childs


One day I was sleeping in bed with my dog and I woke up to my alarm clock.I then went to the kitchen and I was looking for food in the fridge. There was no food in the fridge so I went to go brush my teeth. I go to the living room and I just sat down on my couch getting ready to turn on the tv. My iphone 6 rings and I run to the bedroom to answer it and I trip over my dog !

Now I am walking to the kitchen talking to the guy and I asked is this Elaine or Heidi he said no this is robert from the bank. I grabbed a plate and he said you have won 10,000 dollars I dropped all the plates . He then says but you only have 3 hours to spend it and he said the money will be transferred to your credit card. I had many questions about this money but he hung up on me. I got dressed and ran out of the house.

I went to my car and started driving. First of all, I went to target to buy plates. Then i went to Elaine’s house and Heidi was there and i said get in the car were going to the mall girls. So we quickly went around the mall and we stopped at the apple store and I bought them iphones. We then went clothes shopping and we all got matching shoes. I then take them out to eat to Miguel's jr. We wanted to watch a movie but I told them that I only have 3 hours to spend my money.

On my way home from dropping of Elaine and Heidi, I saw a horse for sale. I went to go look at the horse she was a really pretty sorrel mare that did barrel racing so I bought the horse. I said that I will pick the horse up tomorrow. So I got back in the truck and I looked at the time and said that I still have 1 hour and 40 minutes exact. So I started driving home and I passed by a lot of horse trailers for sale. I asked if I could buy one he said yes and I said I want that one so I gave him the money hooked the trailer up and drove to go get the horse.

After I took my horse home I put him in the backyard with my other horses. I Went inside and ate because I did not eat in the morning. I went back outside after I ate got her out of the pen and I started to tack her up.I had a hour to ride her so I went in the arena.I warmed her up and I took her around the barrels.After I was done riding her I gave her a bath.I then went inside and called elaine and heidi and told them that was a fun and fast 3hour day to spend 10,000 dollars but it happened.