Literary Devices found in 2 Kinds


The setting of the story takes place in Chinatown of San Francisco


Ni Kan- Daughter who does is not motivated to work hard and become an icon in America.Mother-Moved from China to make her daugher Ni Kan a young prodigyWaverly-Chess champion and rival of Ni kan. (similar age)Mr. Chong-A deff man who gave Ni kan piano lessons to try and make her famous


Exposition-A mother and her daughter move from China so that now they can live the American dream. But by living the American dream, it seems the only ambition mother has is for Ni kan to become a prodigy. This makes Ni kan very stressed.Rising Action-Ni kan starts to get nervous since the talent show is soon and her deff piano teacher is not teaching Ni kan well enough to perform well.Climax-The talent show is a disaster. Ni Kan plays so poorly that even little kids are saying they did not like her performance. Her mother talks to her about how her dream for Ni kan becoming a child prodigy will not end, and this makes Ni kan furious since the amoun of stress and expectations on herself are overwhelming at her age.

Internal Conflict

Ni kan faces internal conflict when her mother wants her to become a star. Ni kan is not putting effort towards becoming a prodigy, and that makes her relationship with the mother difficult

External Conflict

Ni kan faces external conflict when she talks to her mother about what she wants to do in her life. Ni kan totally disagrees with wanting to become famous, and does not want to play piano or dress up or try.


The most prominent symbol in two kinds is the piano. The piano was symbolic for conflict internally and externally because of how the piano made ni kan discouraged


I think the theme is make sure you respect what your family wants to do, and try to express your feelings and make a compromise.

8.In the first part of the story there is a scene in which the daughter sees herself in the mirror. What does she see? What thematic significance could this scene have? How does it relate to the title?

When Ni kan looks in the mirror, she sees an angrier version of herself. The thematic reference here is that you must respect yourself and others if you want to be in a healthier mood. This relates to the title "two worlds" since ni Kan wants to do what she wants while her mothers world consists of making her a prodigy

What went wrong in the relationship between the mother?

Ni kan wanted to enjoy herself but not by doing what her mother wanted which included playing piano and becoming a prodigy