Smith Coaches' Corner

February 1, 2021

Important Updates

Important Dates

  • Feb 8- What I need Survey is due
  • Feb 8-March 18 at noon Telpas Writing Window
  • Feb 8-12 Brightbytes Survey (this will be extended will update ASAP)
  • Feb 16-March 5 2nd Grade Science Snapshot
  • Feb 16-March 5 3rd Grade Math Snapshot
  • Feb 16-March 5 4th Grade Math Snapshot
  • Feb 18-March 5 3rd Grade Science Snapshot
  • March 15-19 2nd Grade Math Snapshot
  • March 17- 3-5 Math Labsites
  • March 19 - K-2 Math Labsites
  • March 22-April 2 Kinder Match Snapshot
  • March 19 Nearpod Lesson Due. Turn in Here

What I need Survey (Due Feb. 8)

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