By: Abbott Finch Biggs

It's Follower's Are Called Christians

All About Christianity/Central Beliefs

Jesus was born in the Roman controlled area of Bethlehem, Judea, and people celebrate the day of his birth (December 25). After he founded Christianity, it spread to Europe and from there, all over the world, Christianity is the biggest religion to date! It also has about 30,000 religious groups worldwide! Christianity has one true god, he is viewed as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, this is called The Holy Trinity. They call him the father because they believe he is the Father and creator of the universe and all within it. They call him the son because of Jesus, who they believe is the son of God. They call him the Holy Spirit because his (Gods) Holy Spirit is present in everything around us. But when he visited Jerusalem for the Jewish Passover, the Roman rulers feared he might lead a revolt, and nailed/tied him to a cross until he was dead. At the time crucifying someone was a popular form of execution. But God resurrected Jesus and let him appear before his followers before going to Heaven with his father, God. This is called The Resurrection, and has made The Cross a very important symbol. Jesus's resurrection is celebrated by Easter. At the end of each person's life they will face God's judgement in hope they can follow in Jesus's footsteps. God can save you from your evil and allow you eternal life in Heaven. This is called Salvation. Believing in Prayer is something that is commonly taught in the Christian religion.

The Christian Traditions

A tradition among the Christian faith is Baptism, it marks Christian's entrance into church by use of water. Some Holy texts (Such as the Holy Bible) Talk about how Jesus was Baptized by another figure in the Christian faith, John the Baptist in the Jordan River. Another tradition is The Holy Communion. Where you share bread and wine to celebrate Jesus's last supper. During the supper, he gave his followers bread and said: "This is my body." Then he poured them wine saying: "This is my blood." He told them to practice this tradition, and was afterwards arrested by the Roman soldiers.

The Church

The Church is a place where people of the Christian faith go to practice their religion. Style ranging from small to large, and wooden to stone, and simple to Gothic

Some Christian Holidays

Christmas is a celebratory day in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. Common figures are Santa Clause and his elves giving gifts to nice children on December 25th, But be warned, he gave coal to the naughty children. Another holiday is Easter, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Other important symbols in the Christian Religion:

Their one true god is named by them: God, their common figure is named: Jesus Christ

Views of God and Common Figures

Something Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have in common is a common figure, Abraham, the founder of all three religions. A view all three religions have in common about God is monotheism.

A Holy city

Jerusalem is one of The Holiest city in not just the Christian Religion, but in Judaism and Islam too! Holy because of his visits as a child, his preaching's to the poor as an adult, and crucified at the end.
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