a hiki i ka napoo ana

"Until sunset"

About us...

We sell the best food in town. With mouthwatering dishes and filling drinks you'll always come back to this restaurant. This restaurant lives up to the best. We help make you're lunch enjoying. You'll love what we offer and LOVE the fact that we make everything locally from our rooftop garden...

Our menu... : )

Devine Pudding

This pudding is the best. Made homemade with the local chocolate this will be the most organic pudding you'll ever have. The pudding is always fresh and will make you want more. You can also add sprinkles and other toppings of your choice. (Come in vanilla as well)
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Superior French Fries

These French Fries are AMAZING!!!! Made fresh every time these fries will blow your mind! They are straight and wiggly french fries which are salted and taste amazing. You can order alone or with something else.
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Ambrosial Milkshake

My milkshake bring all the boys to the yard and darn right it's better than yours!!!!! With this milkshake you'll be in heaven. In this milkshake you'll have a variety of ice cream to choose from. With fresh milk you'll love this milkshake. You'll be able to add sprinkles, whipped cream, a straw of your choice, and for the finishing touch... the cherry on top. Once you eat this you'll be in LOVE!!!

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Exquisite Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nugget will make your stomach rumble just thinking about them. They're crispy and are better than any others. They are cooked to perfection and have the best inside you'll ever see.
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Prodigious Iced Tea

This is the most popular beverage here! It has the perfect amount of iced tea in it with amazing flavor. It bursts out with flavor and tasted real. It's natural with no artificial flavors. We also serve other beverages just in case in you're wondering...

Our hours...

Hours: 7am to 7pm

Open everyday except Sunday