Holmquist News and Notes

November 30 - December 4

Kimberly's Message

Thank you guys for finishing the week strong and maintaining some of the challenges we face on a daily basis. Please enjoy your week off with your family and friends. Mr. Chambers sent a very inspirational message to all staff today. I encourage you to read it and save it to your files. I believe we have one of the most challenging jobs that exist. It truly takes dedication, commitment, and a strong work ethic to accomplish the task of helping our children to become life- long learners who will make a positive impact on society! You all should be proud of what you do and the impact that you are able to make on our students. I'm sorry I'm not there today due to the passing of Ray's grandmother, so Happy Thanksgiving and I'm truly thankful for all of you! Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate! Enjoy your holiday!

Weekly Calendar

Monday, November 30th - You do not have to turn in writing samples on the 4th

EDC 64

Team Leader Meeting - 3:40

Update Class Web Page

Begin giving out Hummingbird Bucks and talk to students about prizes

Cover Walls and Review Testing Strategies with Students

Tuesday, December 1st

EDC 65

Happy Birthday Ms. Castillo - 1st Grade

Happy Birthday Ms. Youssef - Kinder

Happy Birthday Ms. Mirna - Cafeteria

Math DCA 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Holmquist U

Begin giving out Hummingbird Flutters for Acts of Kindness - 1 girl and 1 boy from each grade level will have a chance to win a bike. Teacher must write name on Flutter and they must be placed in the grade level box in the library. Ms. Hudson will be on announcements this week.

Wednesday, December 2nd

EDC 66

Reading DCA 1st and 2nd

Thursday, November 19th

EDC 67

Reading DCA 3rd and 4th

Friday, December 4

EDC 68

DCA Make Up testing

Math Specialist Meeting 3-4

Speech/ICS Grade Check

Progress Reports Due

Fly Party??? Check with Counselors

PLC - 8:10 -

Monday - PK/Kinder PLC - Progress Reports/Report Card Alignment

Tuesday - Block PLC - Belinda and Kelli

Wednesday - 4th Grade PLC - Writing Smart Goals

Thursday - Gift of Time to Block Teachers

Friday - 3rd Grade PLC - Reading and Math DCA Data

Shout Outs

  • We went from 38.98 average hours of volunteers at the end of the school year 14-15 to NUMBER 1 ! so far this year we have averaged 53.340 volunteer hours per week Aug - Oct J !!! I believe that makes us No. 1. Holmlquist’s Family Center the volunteers clocked 317 hours and 30 min for October. We are proud of our Family Center volunteers !!

  • Thank you Ms. Moran for recruiting volunteers

  • Thanks Ms. Rodriquez for organizing the basket donations for our needy families

  • Ms. Monroy and Ms. Cheng for preparing all of the information and data for our ABC meeting

    I appreciate everything Ms. Monroy does for our 4th grade students by teaching social skills through thinking maps! Way to go!!


  • Ms. Rios, Ms. J. Sanchez, Ms. Cheng and Ms. Cortinas for writing a grant for STEAM for our campus

  • Ms. Guerra and ILT for decorating the LGI for the Thanksgiving Luncheon

  • Ms. Wells and Mr. Ponder for preparing our 3rd graders for their Fall performance and all staff that attended the event.

  • The block team for their flexibility during the performance

  • Melanie for always being available to cover classes, recess or lunch.

  • Ms. Watts, Ms. Purdy, and Ms. Amador for working together to make sure accomodations are in place for our Spec. Ed students

  • Ms. Washington, Mr. Revenaugh and Ms. Watts for providing morning tutorials for our spec. ed students

  • Kelli, Belinda and Melanie for all that do on campus

  • Content and Support for always going above and beyond when something needs to be done for our campus

  • Amy for working overtime to learn her new role and to make sure we all have everything we need.

  • Mr. Gonzalez for coming into work even when he is not feeling well and trying his best to get things done.

  • Every single staff member in this building for doing what you do even when you don't think

  • Congratulations Ms. Spellicy on your engagement

  • Congratulations Ms. Kucharski on your new bundle of joy

  • Thanks Melanie, Kelli, and Belinda for taking care of everything in my absence

  • Ms. Purdy for working on DCA schedule and everyone for giving her what she needed

  • Ms. Morrison for updating the progress report and report card grading sheet

  • Ms. Rios and Ms. Esparza for giving up one classroom for DCA testing

  • Ms. Ghani for helping a colleague with a difficult student

  • Ms. Solis for covering a class today

  • Ms. Dennis for organizing the first attendance celebration

  • For an awesome PLC that contained a lot of new learning

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

Biometric Screening - Registration begins Nov. 30 - Jan. 19th

Screening will be on February 5th in the LGI 2 from 6:30 - 11:30

The link for the online scheduler to register We.QuestforHealth.com and the registration key is ‘alief’.

2. Blueprint For Wellness call center at 855-623-9355 (Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. CST and Saturday 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. CST)

Thanksgiving Energy Plan from Alief Energy Specialist

D. Suddeth contacted walkthrough last weekend and she said we did really well. There were only a few things that we need to correct. Please make sure all small appliances are unplugged.

Please encourage staff and students to have these areas completely shut-down(computer monitors, sound bars and all lighting off). Dont forget to turn off all lights, do not leave motion lights on...