From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

By: Josh Wells

More please, more!

So good! Its brown, and its an amazing treat. What is it?? Chocolate! Chocolate is in candy, hot cocoa, chocolate chip cookies, and more! It tastes amazing! It is one of america's favorite food.

How it starts

Chocolate starts as a cocoa bean. First, a farmer plants cocoa beans. Then, once the bean grows big enough workers open the pods. Next, it is sundried for many days.

Getting Processed

They load the beans on a train. The train takes it to a factory. At the factory the beans are cleaned and roasted. Then the machines smash them and the shells are taken off. Its gets mixed for days. It is transported to a special room until needed. Then when its needed it gets sent to another machine that makes sure all the pulp is out.

Chocolate's History

Chocolate is planted in South America. It was invented over 100 years ago! Did you know that cows are a big part of chocolate too? Yes, milk is in chocolate too. Chocolate is outstanding!

Great treat!

The chocolate is formed into a shape then wrapped. Mmm! It makes a great snack or desert. Many people like it. Chocolate is just so excellent.
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