A day in my shoes

" Babe Ruth "

I was known for my homerun hits and being a good baseball player. Every day I would get up and have a good breakfast and go to the ball field to work out and practice for upcoming games. If there was a game for that day we would have a short practice and sign some autographs. Everyone called me " THE BABE " but, my name is George Herman Ruth. I spent most of my time playing baseball because I loved the game so much. I played for the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and the Boston Braves. If I wasn't on the field playing baseball and signing autographs, I was home spending time with my family and friends.

" History of Cleats "

Baseball cleats can be traced back to the mid-1840s during the beginning of baseball. However athletes have worn cleats since the 1500's. Paul Butler was the person who created the first pair of baseball cleats out of leather shoes with spikes attached to the soles. Butler's shoes with spikes gave them the edge over the other teams.Soon after other teams caught on to his design and some entrepreneurs capitalized and commercially made baseball cleats. This is how baseball cleats came to baseball.

"My Passion Connection"

I love to play many different sports such as football, basketball and even golf, but baseball is my favorite. I really love to play baseball because you get to hit a ball as hard as you can to see how far you can hit it. Also love baseball because it's a very active sport to play. Everyone gets a chance to bat and play the field. I like to play the field positions,but I think batting is a whole lot more fun than playing the field. I even have a baseball card collection of my favorite players old and new. Card collecting is one of the best things about baseball, going to a game and have an a soda and hotdog is the American part of baseball. I will always love to play and watch baseball.