Theagenes of Thasos

Boxer, Pankratiast & Runner

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A famous Greek sportsman of 5th century BC

Here's some little fun facts for you!

1. He has knocked out 2102 men

2. He has killed 1800 men

3. He was undefeated in boxing for 22 years

4. He has won over 1300 titles

He began competing when he was 9 years old

Competed in several competitions

-Olympic Games: 2 victories (1 in boxing in the 75th Olympiad, 480 BCE; 1 in pankration in the 76th Olympiad, 476 BCE)

- Pythian Games: 3 boxing

- Isthmian Games: 9 boxing, 1 pankration

- Nemean Games: 9 boxing

After he was dead he was remember as being a great boxer and pankratiast

Theagenes Of Thasos