Principal's Newsletter

October 25, 2021


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Picture Make Ups

Picture Make-Ups will be Thursday in the old Colt Cafe. Passes will be in your mailboxes for Thursday. Staff who did not get their picture taken should do so on Thursday.

Ice Cream Social

Good Afternoon,

Students who earned an 80% or higher on the summer reading quiz or on their summer reading project are invited to join us in C or D Commons Thursday, 10/28/2021.

Students will receive passes on the day of the event.

Mr. Softee will be here at 1:50 pm and stay throughout SERA or until all of the students who were invited are served.

If a student is absent or misses the event, it will not be repeated.

I have attached a list of who will be joining us for this celebratory event.

Thanks for your support in celebrating our students,

Justin J. Martin

SERA Changes on Thursday and Friday

Changes for Thursday because of event in C/D Commons

Study hall/CCTEC with Thomas to A Commons. Room will be shared with Mrs. Todd and her class.

Leo/Interact club move to B Commons

Roja's with Sawyer's class also move to A commons.

Changes for the Equity Committee Meeting on Friday during SERA.

Mr. Fougeray's class to C/D commons with Thomas.

Ms. Weist's class to Ms. Ninfa's class in M222

All other equity team members should already have coverage or not need coverage.

Out of District

I will be on the FFA trip this week beginning tomorrow. Any questions just see one of the APs. If there is an emergency please contact Mr. Johnson. I will be checking emails periodically.

Genesis and Signatures for IEPs and 504s

Just an FYI. A new tab was added for signatures. See picture below.
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Weekly Workshops

Weekly Workshops are back this school year! If you have a request or suggestion for a topic for a session, please let a member of the Curriculum Team (Bonnie Powers, Val Sheppard, or Justin Martin) know.

The curriculum team will host this Thursday’s workshops in the D413. These 45-minute sessions will take place during preparation periods and participants will earn professional development hours.

Block 1: 7:50 am to 8:35 am

Block 2: 9:20 am to 10:05 am

Block 3: 10:50 am to 11:35 am

Block 4: 12:55 pm to 1:40 pm

No Workshops this Week, We'll Be Back Soon!

Colt Tutoring

Colt Tutoring runs during SERA in Media Center this school year. Below is a link to recommend students for tutoring.

Colt Tutoring will run on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Students will receive a pass for any referrals received by noon on the previous day. Only students for Colt Tutoring will be allowed in the Media Center on these days. Please do not send any students to the Media Center on these days unless you have talked to Bonnie Powers.

Students can be sent to the Media Center during SERA on Wednesdays and Fridays, with passes and prior approval to keep the number of students manageable for supervision. Please confirm with Jy'Isha Nieves before you write a pass to send any students there.

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Kudos and Shout-Outs to the following COLTS:
  • Everyone for their flexibility and willingness to keep trying new things to help our school stay open and helping students learn despite COVID Quarantines.
  • The participants of the Resilience Weekly Workshop for demonstrating their commitment to learning and growing--Aimee Magsam, Katelyn Bagley, Jared Sawyer, Alicia Mariano, Jessica Palys, Rich Husted, Andrew Chung, and Mirna Ramos.

  • The Academy Leaders - Nicole Smith, Patty Thorne, Allie Ninfa, Chrissy Fuller, Elisabeth Campbell, Gene Thomas, Kathleen Weist, and Ed Sayre for facilitating the Academy Showcase events. Shout out to Justin Martin and Val Sheppard for hosting an ECHS information session. Holla to Todd Jorgenson for speaking about Athletics. Finally a big thank you to the Maintenance staff and Ed Sayre for their assistance.

  • Matt Lawrence-Evans and Terence Johnson for arranging the guest speaker, Chris Herron.

  • Lisa Saul and Tiffany Simons-Palmieri for creating a Mole Day experience for our students.

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STEM Outreach Goes Outside!

CRHS STEM Academy will host Greenwich Stow Creek's 7th and 8th Grade students on Tuesday, October 26th (rain date October 28th) for a day of STEM Activities. The CRHS STEM students planned and will run the day, including Fall and Halloween-themed activities at the stadium. Through Sodexo, breakfast and lunch will be provided. This program will allow CRHS students to demonstrate leadership and work together to promote our Academy.

School and District Information


If you suspect a student of being bullied or harassed it should be reported to Mr. Aiello, an AP or Mrs. Prater. Behavior should be disrupting the students education, based on race, religion, color, culture, looks, accent etc. It can take many forms and does not have to be direct. Below is the HIB form for reporting. Please keep in an easy to each place on your computer. It is also in the public drive.

RTK Chemical Inventory Access

Right To Know (RTK) reminder on how to access CRHS chemical inventory. Click on the link below and then enter the username and password. You then can search by location or by product. Please make sure that all chemicals are stored in the proper locations and that you do not bring any outside chemicals into the building.

Username: CRHSD

Password: CRHSDrtk1