From Maple Tree to Maple Syrup

By: Allison Li 3RS


Are you wondering what I'm wondering? How is maple syrup made? What is maple syrup? Where did it come from? Well I'm about to tell you!


Syrup is made out of sap. In order to sap is from maple trees. First you drill a whole in the tree. Then put an plastic or metal tube into the tree and make sure it's a maple tree. Next they connect an pipe to the tube and the sap automatically goes to the sugar house or some people like to call it sugar shack.


First producers boil the sap. Over time the sap gets thicker and sweeter. That means the sap is forming into the sweet sweet syrup! The next step is filtering. The producers that work there uses an big piece of paper or cloth. The syrup slowly drips though the paper or cloth. When it's done, the syrup leaves different bad stuff that isn't suppose to be in the syrup. That's why you don't have those icky stuff in your syrup. The last step is pouring the syrup into cans or bottles. Then the producers label the cans and bottles with there company name.


After they pour all the syrup into the cans and bottles also labeled. They deliver it. If you were wondering what delivers them well then let me tell you! Well it's trucks of course! They load the trucks with packages and deliver them to different stores.

Fun Facts

Did you know that America and Canada are the only countries that make maple syrup? Well it's true! Did you also know sap is 97.5% of water and only 2.5% of sugar? Oh and did you know that 35 gallons of sap can only make 1 gallon of syrup? Well thats true to in fact it's all true!


Maple syrup is really sweet and almost every one likes it. But don't eat to much or you'll get cavities!
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