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Beach Boys Good Vibrations
love & mercy 'good vibrations'

Which technology has had the most influence on the music you listen to?

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Your assignment:

Answer the question above in the Battle Royale for the best music technology.

Work in pairs: In a one-slide PowerPoint presentation (5-7 minutes), briefly describe the technology; most of your presentation will cover how and why it has had such influence. (Think context.) Your goal is to convince your teachers and classmates that your chosen technology is the most important.

Hand in:

  • your notes with sources, as well as organizers
  • a printed poster of the slide
  • a one-page summary of your research

Your work will be part of a tech timeline displayed in class.

Lessons in the Library

  1. Fri Feb 2: Exploring and choosing topic 1st half
  2. Mon Feb 5: Exploring and choosing topic 2nd half
  3. Tues Feb 6: Q-chart & Focus Statement
  4. Wed Feb 7: Note-taking system & resources
  5. Thur Feb 8: Research
  6. Mon Feb 12: Feedback - in room 105
  7. Tues Feb 13: Practice
  8. Wed Feb 14: Presentations
  9. Thurs Feb 15: Presentations

Invention comes out of necessity

Leon Theremin playing his own instrument

Why the theremin?

Where do you start your research?

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Google and explore the different technologies and start zeroing in on one.

Let's make it a race! Students who come in with their topic to Mrs. McVeigh, get to do that topic. You have to offer proof that you've done exploratory research on that technology, i.e.,

  • have a list of keywords and terminology (search terms),
  • be able to answer: Who, What, When, Where about your topic
  • as well as an idea of where you are going to find your sources (Is there enough information about you topic?)

Q-Chart & Focus Statement

Click here to access the lesson, "Creating a Focus Statement".

Note-taking & Good Resources

Design a way to organize your notes. Your notes must include:

  • a space for documenting each source
  • summary or analysis of your research

For ideas on how to design a note-taking system, consult the Note-taking Smore or use these example templates for Note-Taking MLA Web Page or Note-Taking MLA Book.

Put your notes into:

  • Google Docs (share with "Ms. McVeigh" - "can edit" so I can see your version history; make sure your group members "can edit")
  • always make back-up copies of your notes
  • also explore Databases which link to Google Docs

***Share your notes your teacher and the teacher-librarian to get descriptive feedback and marks on your critical thinking skills*** (see rubric).

Handwritten Notes

And after all that, it is important to consider: Can Handwriting Make You Smarter?

Templates and Rubrics


Dream Warriors - My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style (Short Version)
Austin Powers Theme
Jamie Lidell - The City

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