Hot Air Balloon Activity


Question 1

Function Describing Situation


Question 2

Table and Graph of balloon's altitude every 5 minutes.
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Question 3

Altitude of balloon 5 minutes before it was sighted.

900 feet because looking at the table above showing altitude and time, we plugged in x with -5 in the function stated and got this answer.

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Question 4

Time it takes for balloon to reach an altitude of 20 feet.

39 minutes

After plugging in 20 for y in the equation y=800-20x and solving we got 39 as the answer.

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Time is takes for the balloon to land.

40 minutes

After looking at the table above we noticed that after 40 minutes, the altitude is 0. The 0 represents that the balloon has landed.

Question 5


It takes 60 minutes for the balloon to land.

After dividing 1200 by 20 with 1200 representing the altitude the balloon was sighted and 20 representing the feet descending per minute. The answer is 60.

It takes 20 more minutes for the second balloon to land.

We subtracted 60=time it takes 2nd balloon to land and 40=time it takes for 1st balloon to land and got 20.

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Both balloons are descending at a constant rate of 20 feet per minute. The graphs are the same.

Question 6

F(x)= 800-30x

It takes 26.7 minutes for the 3rd balloon to land.

We divided 800 by 30 and got 26.7 to be exact.

It takes 13 more minutes for the third balloon to land

We subtracted 40-26.7 and got 13.

The third balloon is descending 10 feet more per minute than the first balloon.

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The line of the third balloon is steeper than the line of the first balloon.

Question 7


The first and fourth balloon will be at the same altitude after 16 minutes.

We plugged in 30x in the function of the first balloon. And we got 16.

Altitude=480 ft.

After plugging in 16 minutes for x in the first balloon's function, we got 480 feet.

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The lines are the same at 480 feet. And the lines are intersecting at that point.

Question 8

Equation 0=y-30(40). 40 representing time it takes first balloon to land

Altitude= 120 feet