Monocyte Cell

By: Carson Jones and Kortney Lightfoot Period 1


Enter tissues to become macrophages; engulf pathogens or debris
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The nucleus is the control center of the monocyte. The nucleus controls everything that happens in the cell except for what enters and exits the cell through the cell membrane.
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A phagosome forms and a lysosome attaches to it. The lysosome then releases dygestive enzymes (lytic enzymes) into the phagosome. This causes the cell in the phagosome to break down and the monocyte absorbs the products.
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Cell Membrane

The cell membrane is the outer lining of the cell that controls what enters and exits the cell. Its important because it fuses with the lysosomes and allows bacteria and waste into the cell.
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Monocytes make up fluid connective tissue.
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Monocytes make up bone marrow. Bone marrow is often where monocytes mature.
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