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Adobe Voice/Adobe Slate and Post-it Plus

Adobe Products

Adobe Voice: App only tool allows students to take bold images and mesh them with content and voice to engage the viewer with a simple and beautiful animated video...all in just minutes

Adobe Slate: Web based, or app tool, that allows user to share stories in a webpage format. Easy and unique design features are used create a masterpiece in just minutes. This tool allows the creator to add features (pictures, links, videos) to their story to enhance the story telling process and to create visual stories that engage the reader in many ways.

Adobe Voice: Things to Remember

Adobe Slate: Things to Remember

Adobe Youtube Playlist

Also, check out my playlist on Adobe tools...

There are a few great tutorials, which are often good reminders for both you and students. If you find other great videos related to these tools, please let me know...I would love to add them to this resource!

Post-It Plus

Post-it Plus is a great app that allows you to capture sticky notes and maneuver, sort, arrange them, and then share them out. This is a great tool for collaborative thinking!

Some ideas for use:

  • Vocabulary--arrange words with similar meanings, roots, sounds
  • Math-- ways to make 10, similar factors, divisibility rules
  • Ideas--have individual students write ideas on a topic and then arrange them by main idea (ie: what does a good classroom look/sound like--->grouped into respect, work ethic, etc)
  • Brainstorming!
  • Sequence--parts of a story, numbers, events (ie: water cycle)
  • WTW--once the student's words are cut apart they can capture them as post-its and move them around the screen. If the reader does not pick up a word, it should allow you to "select" it and make it into a post-it by dragging the box around it.

Things to Remember:


Please know that support is all around you...I would be happy to answer any questions for you or work with you to plan a project for your kids. Or check with teammates to see if they can answer your questions. The more we work together, the further we'll get!

Here is the page for Adobe support. There is FAQs as well as a place to type in a request for help!

Adobe Support Page

The Post-it Plus page links you to useful information about how to use the app.

Post-It Plus Support Page

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