Cultures of Rome

By: Elizabeth Manriquez & Dayanna Torres

Laws Were Written

  • Focused on :
  • Marriage
  • Inheritance - what family gets when a member dies
  • Contracts between people
  • Laws were written


  • Fit the crime commited

- fines-pay money

- beatings

- banishments-have to leave Rome

- slavery

- execution if guilty of treason

- patricide-killing your father, was punished by being drowned in a river

- slaves were beaten harder word, or often crusifed

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Roman Justice

  • Natural laws giving every citizen rights- Connected to life, liberty, and pursuit of happines
  • Where do we see that in the United States ?
  • Judges made court decisions from trials and evidence
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Roman Citizen

  • Male citizens enjoyed all of the rights
  • Women had limited right - no voting or government offices
  • Slaves were property with almost no rights - small chances for freedom
  • Freedment were former slaves with limited rights.
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