April 8, 2023


On Thursday, the entire 7th grade class participated in the "Get a Life" program. Students were given a career with an annual salary and then they had to travel to stations inside the gym to purchase cars, groceries, insurance and houses with their salary. From time to time they also had to visit the doctor (hope they had insurance!) and pay utilities. It was a wonderful way for students to obtain real-world knowledge.

Thank you to Ms. Jackson, Ms. Lindsay Shade and Ms. Stacey Moreland for organizing this event. We also want to thank all of the volunteers who came to help with the stations and the WV Treasury Department for donating their time & materials to present this program.


Northern Lights Show Choir under the direction of Ms. Melissa Crowley Bair won 3rd place at the American Classic Show Choir Competition at Martinsburg High School. The theme of their show was "Energy and Light". They sang "RadioActive" by Imagine Dragons, "Better When I'm Dancin" Megan Trainor, "Be A Light" and "Come Alive" from The Greatest Showman. Northern Lights will perform for the Choral Spring Concert on May 11, 2023 and for The Relay for Life event on May 20, 2023.

NMS' performance starts at approximately 26 minutes in this video clip.


The last two months have been a challenge as we have had to navigate computer, internet, and login issues on student & teacher computers. However...

CHROMEBOOKS ARE BACK! We are back to "normal"!

Parents, please remind your student to bring a CHARGED CHROMEBOOK to school each day.

As we look forward to April & May, there are MANY special events at NMS! April brings us Spring Break, the beginning of our spring music concerts (Strings concert, April 26th) and Community Day (April 29th)! WV General Summative Assessments begin on MAY 1st! It is important for students to have a charged, working Chromebook that week for testing. Please "save the date" for these important events! Check out the many special events in the graphic below! We hope you will join us on the NMS campus this spring!

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On June 3rd from 9am to 4 pm, Stars that Shine will hold a Girl Empowerment Conference at Blue Ridge Community & Technical College! Girls will attend workshops on hair care, skin care, mental health, fitness, leadership and more! For more information, see the flyer below or visit

Stars That Shine is a non-profit organization serving girls and young women ages 12-20 in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Their programs and services focus on empowering girls and leading them to a brighter future. They work within the local communities of Berkeley and Jefferson County, West Virginia to provide programs and services for girls ages 12-20 and girls considered at-risk youth.

Ms. Jackson, our school counselor will print out registration forms for interested students, or you can download and print your own below.

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The end of the year brings many celebratory activities for the 8th grade including field trips and the 8th grade dance. Your teachers would like everyone to be allowed to participate, so they are taking this opportunity to remind students and parents that participation in these activities must be EARNED.

Any student who has out-of-school-suspension during the 4th nine weeks (March 13th & after) will NOT be invited to the end-of-year 8th grade activities.

Let's finish this year with strong grades and great behavior so we can ALL celebrate our achievements!

ALSO, check out the information below about the James Rumsey Summer Career Academy!

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From 5-8pm on June 8, 2023, FREE SPORTS PHYSICALS will be available at the Dorothy McCormick Center. Save this date on your calendar! More details will be available as the date grows closer!

Cheerleaders interested in SPRING and/ or SUMMER conditioning, check out the flyer below!

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Parenting is a complex and dynamic process that has a profound impact on children's development. Different parenting styles can have varied effects on children's emotional, social, and cognitive development. This article will explore three common parenting styles: the Drill Sergeant, the Consultant, and the Helicopter parent, and how they impact their children.

1. Drill Sergeant Parenting Style

The Drill Sergeant parenting style is characterized by strict rules, harsh discipline, and a demand for unquestioned obedience. This parenting style is often associated with those who grew up with strict parents. Children raised under this parenting style are expected to follow the rules without question, and failure to comply can result in punishment.

The Drill Sergeant parenting style can have both positive and negative effects on children. On one hand, children may develop strong self-discipline, high standards, and respect for authority figures. On the other hand, they may also experience anxiety, fear, and low self-esteem due to the constant pressure to perform.

2. Consultant Parenting Style

The Consultant parenting style is characterized by open communication, negotiation, and collaboration. This parenting style encourages children to express their thoughts and opinions and helps them develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. Parents who adopt this style are often supportive, but they also expect their children to take responsibility for their actions.

The Consultant parenting style has many benefits for children, such as increased self-esteem, emotional regulation, and independence. Children raised under this parenting style also tend to have a better sense of self and a higher level of trust and communication with their parents. However, if parents are too lenient or fail to set clear boundaries, children may become overly dependent and struggle with self-discipline.

Shifting Into a Consultant Role

It is challenging for parents to shift from raising children, where they are essentially benevolent dictators, to raising teenagers and stepping into a consultant role.

Tips for Making a Transition to Consultant Parenting:

  • Use ownership language. Let them know your limits and thoughts without making it about them.
  • Do not take ownership of your teenager’s problems. Muse or be curious – but understand it’s their problem to solve.
  • Thoughtful and curious questions about their lives go a very long way. (avoid lectures, rants, and “telling them how it is”)
  • Have an attitude of curiosity (avoid sarcasm or demeaning tones)

3. Helicopter Parenting Style

The Helicopter parenting style is characterized by over-involvement in children's lives, often to the point of being intrusive. This parenting style is often driven by a desire to protect children from harm and ensure their success. Parents who adopt this style tend to be highly involved in their children's activities, decision-making, and social lives.

The Helicopter parenting style can have negative effects on children, such as reduced self-confidence, anxiety, and decreased independence. Children raised under this parenting style may struggle with decision-making, problem-solving, and coping with stress, as they have not had the opportunity to develop these skills independently. On the other hand, children may also benefit from the support and guidance of their parents, particularly in areas where they lack experience or knowledge.

Parenting style plays a significant role in children's development. The Drill Sergeant, Consultant, and Helicopter parenting styles all have their strengths and weaknesses. It is essential for parents to find a balance between being supportive and authoritative while allowing their children to develop independence and self-discipline. Ultimately, the goal of parenting is to raise confident, responsible, and emotionally healthy children who can navigate the challenges of life with ease.


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Check out these fun activities happening our building this week:

*8th grade FCS students made "grazing boxes" for the show choir event. 40 hardboiled eggs were peeled by several amazing students to include in the boxes! The eggshells were then used in Mrs. Gannt's classroom garden!

*Ms. Springer's ELA classes hunted aliens in Area 51 this week and located NEW species of aliens. Then, students began writing their stories of alien landings on Earth! Did you know that some aliens just come to Earth for Target and Starbies (according to 6th grader Bentley Moore)?

*Ms. Amavisca's seventh graders had an awesome time with their free-choice project based on the principle of design, emphasis. One student even created his very own South Park theme emphasizing Cartman.

*Ms. Ramey's Science class created butterflies from random paper to represent random genetic traits and then hid them around the room for the other class to hunt.

*Ms. Jones and Ms. Dotson tied Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory into their Social Studies/Economics lesson of supply and demand and natural resources. They ended the week-long lesson the day before spring break by watching the movie and then hunting for the golden tickets! Enough wrapped candy bars were hidden throughout the classroom for each student to find one. Two bars had gold stars on the inside wrapper! Congratulations to Jada StUp and Keagan Largeant for finding the two winning bars and the gift bags filed with candy!

*Ms. Macias' 8th grade Spanish class went on a field trip to a Spanish concert! They had the opportunity to experience popular culture music and a great message about overcoming difficulties in life.

*Ms. Gantt's Science classes made dioramas of natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis. They have been on display in the library all week!