Trash and Recycling

by Marcos and Zech

How can we use water more responsibly?

You can take short shower insted of a bath.Do not over water plants.Do not leave the water running when your not useing it.

Why is too much traffic bad for the environment?

First, it can make people get asthma. Second, it can make asthma even worse . Asthma is when someone feels like they cant breeth and they start to cough realy realy hard!
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How can we make better choises with our wast?

Put litter in the trash.Do not wast paper insted recycle it. Do not put trash ina lake or a river.
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Why Is a Lot of Trash Bad.

A lot of trash is bad because it could make you sick and also make chemicals.A lot of trash can also kill animals.  
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What ways do people recycle?

People recycle and don't thorw stuff away.Differnt materials can be recycled like paper,cardboard,glass,metal and plastic.