Candace Nelson

Creative baker

like to bake?

Candace Nelson was the same way!

She loved to bake and she still does.

Her Life

When She Grew Up

Candace nelson was a well-educated girl who went to college. She went to Wesleyan university for college. Candace grew up in Indonesia. Her whole family was meant to bake. Everyone called then the baking queens. She grew up with a French-American grandmother who also owned a restaurant that was known for deserts in the 1930’s. Her family was pretty good at baking and they were also educated.
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Cupcake wars

She is now a judge on cupcake wars! Cupcake wars is a show on food network that when four people vs. each other and the person who wins get to have there cupcakes at a big party and not only that but they also get 20 thousand dollars!

These Are Some Of Her Cupcakes That they Have At Her Bakery