Jerods Future

The only source of knowledge is experience

Who I am

I usaully enjoy challenges and diffucult tasks. Im also usaully energetic and cant sit still for a minute. I like to read books and play video games. i can also get my friends to laugh. Im also usaully self mtivated and can rely on myself but i know when i need help.

My Career As A Musician

My Plan To Get There

I plan to go to college at U of A. It is located in Fayetteville. Its far enough so that my parents won't be able to bug me but clode enough to travel home on holidays.

The tuition be about $212 an hour

Type of education needed.

For the career I'll be working won't really need a specific degree. Unless I join an orchestra I need at-least a Bachelors degree. I hope to get a Bachelors. I hope to get atleast to get a Band scholarship.